July 15, 2015

The Twelfth Month

We have a toddler, folks!

Just in time to celebrate her first birthday with balloons and chocolate cake, Maggie has decided it is time to walk independently. Along with her newfound freedom, she has developed quite a little personality. She laughs a ton, loves to tumble and crawl over things, makes an oh-so-cute sniffing face, and now has short spurts of whining when things aren't going exactly as she wants them to. 

This month entailed visiting a strawberry farm, learning to play with buckets and hoses, sporting experimental pigtails, and lots of playtime with 'PorPor' and 'Jefe' (Grandma and Grandpa Turner).

At twelve months Maggie... 
...weighs over 21 pounds (66th percentile)
...is over 29 inches long (48th percentile)
...wears 12-18 month clothes.
...has 12 teeth (so early)!!!
...still has quite the appetite and will eat anything that is placed in front of her. Favorites include: blueberries, eggs, avocado, watermelon, cheese, toast, whole tomatoes, chia seeds, and even roasted garlic cloves.
...walks independently!
...makes noises for animals (though they all sound the same).
...points to familiar things (head, blanket, toes, ears) and follows simple commands (Come here. Drink your bottle. Stand. Wave bye bye. Arms up).
...has learned to lay her head on a pillow and blanket but doesn't use them in the crib yet.
...uses sign language for "more" and "all done." She ends up using the "more" sign anytime she wants something.... which is, well, every thirty seconds.
...can put two or three gestures together to communicate. For instance, if she wants me to hold her hand and walk to the kitchen, she will sign "more," point to the kitchen, and touch my hand. Its very interesting how facial expressions also help with our communication.
...sleeps 7-7 with one or two naps.

Up next? My one year of monthly Maggie updates has officially ended. Updates and blog posts will be sporadic from now on allowing me to use this precious time for other priorities. Thanks for caring and for being part of Maggie's life! Hope to see y'all soon!!!

As always,

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