September 27, 2016

The First Month

The first month.

The hardest month.

The best month.

Pepper Mae arrived quickly and three weeks early on August 19. I will share her birth story at a later date. Right now, I'd like to focus on the first month before it completely up and disappears.

It is strange to think that I now have two kids, that we are now a family of four, and that there is a new us. Let's be real--sometimes I don't even feel old enough to babysit.

This month has been the hardest month because we are learning a new rhythm and are faced with plenty of new obstacles. 

This month has been the best month because we are learning a new rhythm and are faced with new obstacles...together

Pepper has easily found her place among us and it is difficult to imagine life without that sweet, kissable face. She has grown from a fragile newborn who didn't know how to cry to a plump (but still tiny) infant in no time. 

Once again, life is a miracle. She is a miracle.

At one month Pepper...
...has gained and gained! At birth, she weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces (not big enough to even be "on" the charts). Two weeks later she was over 6.5 pounds and has continued to grow well. 
...was 17.5 inches long at birth and now measures about 20 inches.
...quickly grew out of her premie clothes!
...eats every 3-4 hours. very chill.
...loves to sleep. just learning how to cry.
...has slate gray eyes.
...likes taking baths.
...loves to sleep with us at night.
...loved spending her first weeks with PorPor (Grandma) Turner!
...looks very much like her older sister when she was a baby!
...smiles in her sleep.
...loves watching everyone, especially Maggie!

Up next? Month two.

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