June 8, 2017

The Ninth Month

Ah. My heart is at peace.

We have survived yet another long Minnesota winter and can finally awaken from our dormant states. The warm sun. Trees full of luscious, green leaves. The smell of a dewey morning. The brilliant sound of songbirds, the excitement of a tiny seedling emerging...

All these things awaken me to the fact that summer is soon here. Simply put, I am alive again. My eyes are opened, and I see things from a new perspective.

Including my girls. It may be their subsequent growth spurts, or simply the fact that we are getting out of the house more, but whatever the case I now have a 2 year old who is well on her way to being a threenager and a 9 month old who is obviously becoming her own person- personality and all!

I'm beginning to have the slightest sense or what the 'Turner family of four' will be like. And I am excited.

May 9, 2017

The Eighth Month

Last month we attempted phase one of sleep training by waking Pepper up at 10pm for a dream feed only to have her relapse after one perfect week. This month? Phase two. In a stroke of brilliance we decided to cut out even the dream feed and have her sleep the entire night. The goal? 6pm-6am with no feeds. Can she do it? Is it too much to hope for?

April 14, 2017

The Seventh Month

This month? Sleep training one child. Potty training the other.

[Who's grand idea was that?]

March 14, 2017

The Sixth Month

No wonder every parent thinks their kid is the smartest in the world! We all start off with a dependent lump of smelly cuteness who sleeps all day and eventually begins to interact with the world around her. From there its a short jump to being able to hold intelligent conversation and then, dare I say it, the smelly lump of cuteness eventually turns into a well-coordinated, intelligent being with a life completely independent of her parents. To be able to witness this journey is such a miraculous thing and is really the icing on the cake as a parent.

Though Pepper is still in the very beginning of this journey, her personality is now more obvious then ever. She's a little girl, folks. A little girl.