those pearly whites

Believe it or not, some bloggers have hidden, professional lives. REAL JOBS, PER SAY.
In my other life, I am a dental hygienist. And. I. Love. It.

Let's get a few of the more obvious things straight:

You hate the dentist.
You think your teeth aren't white enough.
You don't floss even though you say you do.
You always feel like you have bad breath.
You are scared and confused every time you go to the dentist.
You have no idea what a dental hygienist actually is.

Join the crowd, folks.

I'm the first to admit that dentistry is confusing.
And quite possibly, boring.

That's where your friendly dental hygienist comes in.
I'm here to decode and decipher and explain everything related to your teeth.

In the following links, I will do my best to bust some myths and answer any questions that you have.

Send all questions (none are too small or too dumb) to

Floss on, folks.

Your friendly dental hygienist

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