July 26, 2010

To The Universe

I chose a simple phrase for the title of the post, to the universe. It reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in The Proposal. Betty White and Sandra Bullock are dancing around a fire while "paying dues" to Mother Earth. Old Betty begins the ritual by saying things like "To the universe. To the flower. To the sky." Or something quite like that. Sandra begins her own liturgy and ends it with a twist- somehow she morphs the worship into a sleazy rap song. and I quote... "...the sweat drips down my balls..." I can't do the scene an ounce of justice.

Between Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, and Robert Pattinson (lovingly known to my bff, Jenn, and I as 'Rob'), Hollywood can't get any better. Well, that's of course until you throw Lindsay Lohan into the mix.

Back to point: to the universe.
Blogs are great because there is no certainty that anyone, besides your mother and the universe, will read them. Blogs are great because, whether we like to admit it or not, they are therapeutic to the blogger. The concept itself is strikingly simple and overwhelming at the same time. simple because it makes sense. This is the most basic form of communication. I believe old folks call it "keeping a diary." Except this diary has no lock and key on it. Thus the overwhelming aspect: anyone, anywhere, at any time can access these words. Because of blogs connections, commonalities, and paths of communication are created among us earthlings. To some, this is scary and maybe a little apocalyptic. To others, myself included, this is a dream come true.

In my own experience, the lowest points of my life have been when there is a missing connection, a lack of commonality, a dead-end in communication with those around me.


1. The winter. Ugh. Even thinking of it gives me the chills. literally. I'm stuck inside. my neighbors are stuck in side. The TV comes on. We watch. We sit. We get fat.
2. That one year I went on unemployment. Yes, I milked it as long as I could. But there wasn't enough socializing and friends to fill up all 18 hours of my awake-ness. I got bored.

3. All those months, weeks, and days that my husband, Andrew, has been away from me. Our 2 years of dating was virtually long distance. And he recently just got back from a month of basic training for the military. One word: loneliness. I thought I would add a picture here of us. This is from a photobooth at a wedding that I was in. My bff, Val, got married a few months ago and we had a blast.

All of these reasons are why I am currently tucked away on our couch and it's midnight. Andrew is sleeping. I was trying but was too excited to write. I want to create a connection, to form a commonality, to create a path of communication with you.

So the following entries will be insight into what goes on in my head. I have a few categories that I will divide them into:

(a steal) [Things that I find at a bargain price. Or free!]
(a moment) [Moments that I get caught up in]
(a tooth) [Everything you ever wanted to know, and more, about teeth]
(a style) [Clothes, hair, makeup, house]
(a food) [Ummm, I love to eat]
(a hope) [the deep inner-workings of my troubled head]
Reasons for these specific categories will come later. I guess the most curious one would be (a tooth). It's an easy answer. I am a dental hygienist. I figured it would be swell, and semi-interesting to some to answer any dental questions that come up during my work days. Also to tell random stories like, for instance, that one lady (who is actually quite pretty and normal-looking and successful and a wife and a mother) who tries to "at least brush her teeth once a week." What? Ugh!?!
So, universe, here I am.
So, creator of the universe, here I am.

So, you, here I am.

Let's live.

Let's live together, caring for one another in the deepest ways that we know how to.

Let's communicate.

Let's blog.

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.


  1. your blog is beautiful, just like you...thanks for including me in your community. love you, .m.i.l. oxo

  2. Well you were wrong, not just your mom read this...Your hair stylist did too!! :) I love your artistic-ness inside and out!!!

  3. Dearest Melissa - I can't wait to read your blog posts! I miss you a bunch and am looking forward to the "connectedness" your writing will provide!

  4. thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments! i hope i am keeping up my end of the bargain and providing some cheap entertainment for ya!