July 27, 2010

Open-faced Goodness

It's not long after you meet me that you will soon learn a few of the more obvious things that help to define me. I'm not sure if any of them count as strengths. They may be weaknesses. Or, they may in fact double as both strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few of the less subtle characteristics:

1. It doesn't take much to amuse me.

2. I color/cut my own hair way too often.

3. I absolutely love to eat.

It is of the latter that I choose to blab about in this blog. Part of me is a bit wary to begin posting my favorite food combinations. My friendly coworkers from The Family Cupboard Restaurant know this part of me all too well. I eat what I crave. Whatever that may mean. Can someone say mustard on chocolate chip cookies? Or soggy, day-old salad. Or harvard beets over a generous scoop of cottage cheese [credit: Meghan]. Oh and don't forget to unscrew the pepper shaker and dump most of it to top off the beets!

And once I find a favorite combo, I will eat it for days straight until finally getting absolutely sick at the sight of it. Interestingly enough, when I find a favorite outfit I may be seen sporting it for a few days in a row. Yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking... 'Her poor husband.' We'll just say that he's a good sport.
I'm not super in the kitchen. I try. I've been trying a lot lately. i think our grocery bill doubled for a few months while iIwas stocking the shelves of basic foods. I don't like to cook. but not because I'm lazy or because I think I'm no good. It's because I've found that when I cook a meal, I completely lose the pleasure of eating it. I don't know why. It just happens. Every time. I can't do anything about it. Of course, maybe I should stop snacking on the food while I'm preparing. Hmmm. That's a new thought.

[Side note. Here's an update on Andrew since he never tweets or updates his Facebook status. He is currently cleaning up the pizza we had for dinner and chanting Hebrew songs in his deepest bass voice. School just gets to him sometimes!]

So for my first post, I will share a quickie favorite that I've affectionately dubbed 'open-faced goodness.'
You will need the following:

fresh basil

Those are the basics. I will, of course, explain my preferences for each but also will encourage that
you put your touch, your signature if you will, to it. And on another side note-- It's a good idea not to make food on the same surface as your laptop. Especially if your nickname is Messy Missy.
My favorite bread as of late is the Tuscan Pane bread from Trader Joe's. Its a cross between panini and sourdough. I'm trying to delay browsing the nutrition facts for as long as possible.

Tomatoes are a little disappointing unless they are fresh from good ol' Lancaster. Take a look at the difference in these tomatoes. The one on the left is freshly grown from my sister's garden (Thank's Carly!). The one on the right is freshly picked from the shelves at Sam's club. I knew there had to be a reason why I love tomatoes in the summer and can't figure out why I like them come winter.

So bland tomatoes are the reasons why the cheese (and the amount of it) is very vital. I like to use a thick slice of sharp cheddar. Drizzle evoo over it. Coat with a generous amount of freshly cracked pepper and fresh basil. Toast in a toaster oven (or broiler) until you can't wait any longer. There you have it! Fresh and Vegetarian! Meal or snack! Or all three meals! You can even pair it with a glass of Chardonnay! Just kidding. That's actually apple juice in the wine glass. I like to pretend.

And yes, if you look closely, the tomatoes are on top of the cheese on one slice and under the cheese on the other. I couldn't decide! But I think I will give kudos to tomatoes on top... for good looks. I think I've eaten this for three days straight now, mostly because my sister gave me fresh tomatoes. PS... Does anyone know why tomato plants get white spots on them? Yes, I said white. Last year my tomatoes got black spots on it. Maybe next year they will turn shades of gray.
I'm sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping for one of my signature weird combinations.
Have patience.
That time shall soon come.
Until then, try this and let me know what you think!

PPS... Is it just me, or is The Bachelorette getting way uncool now. Supposedly Ali doesn't pick anyone this season [according to Reality Steve.] I'm trying to figure out if I will waste my time again next season. Maybe if the bachelor is Kirk or Chris. Dunno. Actually, who am I kidding... if I've come this far and wasted the past six years on it, what will another year hurt??

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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  1. 2nd attempt at posting...our computer's terrible.
    Hi my dear .m. aka Julie! :) I can't help but think of Julie & Julia when reading your blog! SO glad you reminded me of the fresh basil that I have on the deck. We actually had your sandwich yesterday, but I used italian seasonings... fresh basil so much better! Have to confess, the boys in the family needed some meat with it, so we added salami, too. Keep up your writings. I love them. oxo