November 27, 2012

Finding Time for Good Music

It takes a lot for a musician to stand out from the crowd.
With the number of bands out there today, well, its virtually impossible.
Been there. Done that.
However, with the advent of social media, things are on the up and up for independent musicians.
Walk Off The Earth instantly caught my eye one day. I first experienced them while watching Ellen... FIVE band members playing ONE guitar. Astounding. After a little search on Google and Youtube, I've discovered that they are, in fact, a phenomenon. While they don't always use the 5:1 ratio, they are equally creative-- throwing instruments around, low-budget sets, unusual instruments (aka washboard tie), and lovely, harmonizing voices. Their most popular videos are cover songs, though they have released an original album. I've included a few of their songs for your enjoyment.
These guys are the real deal. It's refreshing to see hard-working, talented, musicians earn their keep for once.
I've also included my other, little, favorite musician. 
Take a few minutes and enjoy!
Oh, and Mom, Little Boxes is for you!
.with hope.
.with love.

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