September 28, 2010

The Easily Influenced

I have to confess something. I can't hold it in any longer. Plus, like the rest of america, I love to complain. So here I go....

"I have to write a research paper............... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

Thanks a bunch for listening. It really does help to get it off my chest. I think I have been trying to put it off since the moment I rolled out of bed this morning. My alarm was set for 8am, which is pretty good for my standards. Andrew thinks that 8am is still considered getting up late. He tries to get up at 6am. But I have it all figured out. You see, he cannot wait until he gets old, senial, and gray. He can't wait to walk with a cane, to have ear hair as long as his leg hair, and to smell like old people. So waking up early, for him, is a dream come true. I, on the other hand, am clinging to my youth with all that I can... which is totally why I don't have a problem waking up at 8am, 9am, even 10am (or later!)  on my days off. I don't want to grow old and wise. I'm wise enough now. I don't want gray hair (Eeek, I found one the other day and am trying to resist pulling it out.) I don't want to smell like old people, or walk with a cane. I have enough hair on my body as it is. I don't want my collagen and elastin in my precious epidermis to stretch into wrinkles. No. No. NO.

Therefore, I will continue to stay up late and sleep in.

Wow, how did I get on that tangent?

Oh, I'm trying to put off my research paper.
See, i do it without even knowing!

So I got up at 10:30am today, looked out the window for awhile, took a long, comforting shower, painted my face, combed by hair a hundred times (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha??), made some coffee, checked Facebook/email/Facebook/Facebook/Facebook/ F a c e b o o k, and then gazed out the window some more.

And now I'm going to mumble on some more about insignificant facts having to do with my character just for the fun of it...

I'm sure those of you that don't know me too well are trying to figure out why my blog is titled Confessions of the Easily Influenced.

Well, please enlighted yourself by reading the following (and by also reading the ABOUT ME section on my blog):

Last night Andrew and I were watching TV. KFC had a commercial. I told him we should go get KFC.

Some time ago when I was with my inlaws in Colorado, we were watching TV around midnight. A McDonald's commercial came on. I think I said something like "Yummmm, I could eat that right now." So the family immediately packed themselves into the minivan and we took a trip to get some delish fast-clog-my-artieries-food. So good.

But its not just with food that I'm so easily influenced. Try to convince me that you are right, and I will agree. Tell me that I look good in something, and I will wear it three days straight. Tell me that Bare Escentuals makeup is the best for me, and I will quickly be a sucker and buy it. Let me hang around people with tattoos, and I will get one. Show me the same commercial over and over and I know I will begin to agree with it. Suggest that I need to come visit you in Australia for the weekend, and I will. I'll arrive at my hair appointment loving that my hair is the longest its been in ten years... iIll look through the fashion mags while waiting for my stylist, see a hot person in short hair, and instantly get it short.

People may say that my character is weak because of this. Or that America is poisoning me. While those may be true, I like to think that I am open to options. That I am willing to admit that others may be right. That there isn't just one answer.

I know I am easily influenced by advertisements, subliminal messaging, friends, movies, and more. But I think the fact that I can admit this is the key. IF I was not aware of this key point, then I would be scared for myself, and you should be scared too. But it's not the case. And I'm comfortable enough to blog to the world about it!

I've learned in my 25 wise years, that life is short. And we only live once. As cliche as that sounds (and Andrew can attest to how I hate to say cliche things), that's how I feel. I've grown to be extremely spontaneous. It makes life interesting.

In the same way, this is how I think of my relationships. I want to be easily influenced by my friends, by you, because this is how we form bonds. I want to invest in others (whether or not they invest in me). I want to laugh and love. And if being easily influenced is a simple way to do that, than so be it. I feel that when I let myself be influenced by others, then its a way of letting my guard down. A way of saying "I value you enough to make you a part of me."

Will you please influence me?

Will you please let others influence you?

PS- Did I mention that my research paper only has to be a measly 1000 words long? Uh, that's maybe five pages. That's pretty much an introduction, some definitions, and then a conclusion.... Which is only a repeat of the introduction. You are right, I've got nothing to complain about...

Go Phillies.

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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