September 2, 2010

Living Life In Style

So it's been quite a while since I've been inspired to write. Yesterday Andrew accused me of leaving my blogging phase behind. I was floored when he said that to me. I mean, yes, I'll be the first to admit that I involve myself in plenty of phases... some short, some sporadic, some crazy, and some stupid. I will reassure you, dear reader, that this is not a phase. Well, if it is, it's going to be a long one (If anything, just to prove to my wonderful husband that he's wrong!)

I've entitled this Living Life In Style. Why? Because I think that each of us lives life in our own style, and we need to be more proud of it. I'm tired of admiring how I view other people and their lives and wishing that was my life.

The past few weeks have been crazy for both Andrew and I. He's been finishing up his summer Hebrew class, and I've been busting my butt working. Oh, except for that time we went to Boston. Oh, and that time I went to Ocean City, Maryland. Maybe 'busting' isn't quite the word that I was looking for. I started class again as well. I'm finishing my Bachelor in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene. Such a mouthful. So for those of you so curious, my name will soon officially be Mrs. Melissa turner, RDH, EFDA, BASDH. This would be all wonderful and good if I got paid by the number of letters tagged on to the end of my name. One can only hope.

I'm currently listening to THE POSTAL SERVICE on my ipod. There are a few bands that strike a chord with me. These guys def hit a spot that not many can hit. Also, today while watching a rerun of Ellen at work (yes, my hands were in a patient's mouth during this... call me multi talented), I saw Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannsen sing together. It was amazing. Both their voices are unique and delish. I'll put that on the top of my Christmas list, along with Eclipse.

So a few weekends ago my girls and I went on our yearly Ocean City vacay. I think we've been doing this about five years and it gets better each year. We stuff our faces, lay on the beach, karaoke, dance the night away, and have a blast! Usually it's Val, Sarah, and I. This year newbies Melissa and Janell came along. Here's a taste...

I'm looking forward to this Labor Day weekend. Somehow, I ended up having off of work tomorrow. My wonderful sis, Carly, is coming down for an indefinite stay. We're going to go to the beach, go antiquing, and go watch people try to fly in Philly (Curious? Me too. It's called Flugtag and is sponsored by Red Bull. Red Bull + Alcohol + People trying to make things fly = Worth it?!)

PS- This is Steve Carrell's last season as Michael Scott on The Office. Sad face. This beats out the sadness I felt when Lost was finally coming to an end. Although maybe 'The Situation' will provide all that I can ask for on Dancing With the Stars. Thank you, ABC.

Stay kool, kids.

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.

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