November 15, 2011

An Interactive Conversation with Myself

(a funny moment with myself)

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Good morning, Melissa.

Melissa: Heyyyy.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: How are you?

Melissa: Good. Thanks for asking.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: No be real. HOW are you?

Melissa: Considering I'm the worst morning person in the history of the universe and my left submandibular gland is the size of a basketball and I have slight sweet sensitivity on the mesial of tooth #30 and my hair is wet... Eh, I'd say give me til 12:00.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: You know it's currently 11:02am, right? Pretty much lunchtime.

Melissa: Exactly. It's not 12:00 yet, so you shouldn't be expecting great responses.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: You haven't blogged in more than 4 months. You're kinda letting me down.

Melissa: Sorry. I got busy with some things. But now those things are wrapped up and I'm pretty bored, so blogging should hence forth begin again. Also, it's quite difficult to get to the computer these days... it entails hiking through hubby's vast land of books and swimming through his paper piles to find the computer without getting hurt. Oh to be a student again. Love you, honey!

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Well, what's new?

Melissa: My sister had twin baby boys and they are super adorable! My other sister just had her house repainted and it looks great! My brother finally finished his recording studio and I'm stoked for him. I've learned how to use Spotify. And Ashton and Demi are having serious issues not unlike Kim Kardashian and her former hubby.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Nope. Not what I was looking for. What's new with YOU?

Melissa: Let me think. I recently watched my neighboring golfcourse turn into an ocean. Then I saw a true thunder and lightening storm happen while the sun was out. And to top it off? There was that one time the blizzard came... in the summer.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: That still doesn't really answer my question. Try again.

Melissa: Grr. I've been buying lots of feathers lately. Went to South Carolina to see hubby's besties. Had a dream that I lived in Ikea. Made my own laundry detergent and stored it in wine bottles (I knew I was saving them for something). Used vinegar to clean the entire house. Had coffee in Philly with bffs Coffee-Shop-Sara, Wyoming-Renee, and Pregnant-Val. Then had coffee with bff Pregnant-Sara. Rocked out to David Crowder in Philly. Witnessed some aMAZing beat boxing there too thanks to the band Gungor. Take 4 minutes and 57 seconds to listen to their Beautiful Things song.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: So what was the highlight of the night?

Melissa: The final song. All the bands joined up at the end to sing 'How He Loves.' This song was written by John Mark McMillan a few years back and now anyone who considers themselves a Christian band (sidenote: Is there such a thing?) has covered it. First, you need to go listen to it. Then you need to go listen to why he wrote it. You HAVE to do it. You will thank me later. It comes with a warning though... I can't listen to it without some tears.... so have a roll of toilet paper handy to dry your eyes.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Wow. You like music alot?

Melissa: No, I don't like music alot. Music is my life. It is one of my 257 love languages. I LOVE creating it. LISTENING to it. DANCING to it. It speaks to me more than words do most of the time. Food speaks to me that way sometimes too.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Is food one of your other 256 love languages?

Melissa: Absolutely.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: I'd love to hear all about the remaining 255 love languages sometime. Why do you think music speaks more than words to you?

Melissa: I can trust music. Sometimes I can't trust words to correctly express how I feel. A melody will speak to everyone. It's universal. It's a universal love language.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Is that the same with food?

Melissa: I can trust food, yes... except for the few times that it let me down afterwards. And McDonalds is universal, yes.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: I'm glad to see that you don't live life too seriously... I was hoping this would be a funny one-sided conversation with yourself. Of course, the only people that may laugh at our simple and dry humor could be us. Anywho, so what else is new?

Melissa: I particularly enjoy two new tv shows this season: Whitney and New Girl. I think its because of the girl humor in it. There haven't been many cool shows out there with strong lady leads. I relate to them more. Hm, wonder why?

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Why do you like Whitney?

Melissa: She's goofy. Not afraid to be herself. And isn't afraid to dance.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: You like to dance?

Melissa: HA. My bff Houston-Jenn and I went line dancing the other night and we now know what our careers are supposed to be when we grow up. Well, right now she's a second grade teacher and I'm a dental hygienist, but we are pretty sure that when we grow up we will go to school to be line dance instructors. We tried Zumba last night. Eck... it could work with the right instructor.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Do you work out?

Melissa: Heckno. But I love to dance. Sometimes I have dance parties in my house on Friday nights. Mostly when I'm by myself. You can come if you want. I've also been attempting Yoga and Pilates videos every once in a while too. I like them because I can do it without breaking a sweat. There's not much I can do without breaking a sweat. I think I owe my Mom for that one. Even eating makes me sweat. Course maybe it's all the spicy food? I remember I went to highschool with a guy names Steve. He was super cool, totally way mature in an immature sort of way, tall, long curly hair, a lady's man, and always smelled very strongly of the latest Abercrombie scent. Though I could never relate to him before, I now realize why he was persistant in putting so much cologne on. He must have had issues with sweating. Like me! I should really Facebook him to tell him...

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Back to point... Why do you like New Girl?

Melissa: WHY NOT? Zooey Deschanel is da bomb. I mean, she's a rocker chick, actor chick, AND she's married to Death Cab For Cutie's front man Ben Gibbard. AWWWEEEsommmee [in a sing-song voice.] I mean, just look. How cute!

Melissa-The-Interviewer: What are you drinking right now?

Melissa: I finally figured out how to make my own latte... froth and all. It's cheaper than patronizing Crackbucks, healthier because I don't put sugar in it (yeah, no cavities) and I can use my own milk. Speaking of milk, I've discovered Lactose-free milk. Ummmm. Let me just say I feel SO MUCH BETTER because of this new discovery. I think I need to eliminate ALL dairy from my diet. If it weren't for that darn yummy cheese...

Melissa-The-Interviewer: I don't think your readers want to know anymore about that. So what are you looking forward to in the future?

Melissa: In random order: Thanksgiving with the Lapp family, Christmas in Lancaster, Christmas in Colorado, the yearlong construction to be completed across the street, annual King of Prussia day with Pregnant-Val, buying more shoes, snuggling and chatting with my nephews, quitting my job in 30 weeks, and BREAKING DAWN PART 1 this Thursday at midnight. Here's a little preview to get you stoked...

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Wow, go Team Edward. Is that ALL you are looking foward too?

Melissa: Not quite. I'd also like to get my hair cut like this before it goes out of style.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Oooooo. Coincidentally, me too! Any parting words?

Melissa: Nope. You've asked me enough this morning. Come back after 12:00.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: But it's 11:56am. Close enough?

Melissa: It's also 5:00 somewhere.

Melissa-The-Interviewer: Thank you for this insightful conversation with yourself. Hope we can meet up again soon.

. . .

.with love.
.with hope.


  1. bahahahaha! seriously, i love finding new ways we are alike. makes me feel so much cooler. i've been wanting to watch new girl and whitney since i saw their previews but i've just been so bad at watching tv lately (or is that good?) anyway- you put me over the edge- catching up on hulu with both. so far- LOVE whitney.

  2. Britt-- I would say it is definitely a GOOD thang that you've been so bad at watching tv. Especially LIVE tv... I've got to et myself a dvr. Thanks for reading!! I love seeing all the cool crafty things you are doing in your house. Tell Eric I said 'Sup! Merry Christmas!