January 28, 2013

Hankerin' for a Hotdog (sans hotdog)

There's nothing like a simple hotdog charred to perfection over a campfire on a midsummer night... crickets chirping, bats swooping, the moon shining bright.

I completely agree with the above statement. Sharing campfires with those you love (and consequently eating good food around said fire) is magical. Those experiences are irreplaceable. On that same note, I do believe that hotdogs, as a food, are irreplaceable.

Thus I found myself in a predicament years ago when I realized that I wasn't eating those campfire hotdogs for the dog itself, but instead, for the toppings and condiments. Soon after that, I realized I was vegetarian.

So instead of trying to look for a soy/tofu/veggie hotdog replacement and being utterly disappointed, I've decided that I am just as happy filling that bun full of toppings! Goodness knows, being the only one not eating a hotdog around the fire is quite taboo. Also, sad. So I do what I can. I remember times where I've been content to toast the bun over the fire and simply fill it with mustard and ketchup (those were desperate times). But every so often I've found myself in topping-glory!  Saurkraut! Onions! Relish! Cheese! Chili!

It was after I made my Meatless, Beanless Chili the other day, that I had hankerin' for a hot dog. The following is what happened:

Melissa's Hotdog-less Hotdog
Step One: Create make-shift buns. 

Step Two: Chop the onions, shred the cheddar, warm the kraut. 
Step Three: Add the meatless, beanless, chili and drizzle with mustard.

Step Four: Devour while reminiscing over old campfire memories.

See! That wasn't so bad!
And you probably wouldn't even know the meat was missing.

I'd also like to take this time and introduce you to one of the best (and worst) things that has happened to us while in London: meet Warburtons white sandwich bread. Chewy. Thick. Perfect. Heaven. 

Goodbye Wonderbread. Hello Warburtons.
No lie, Andrew and I have actually downed a whole loaf in one 24 hour period. WHICH is why I only buy it when it is on sale. That exception aside, there's only so much white bread I can eat without feeling guilty because I'm a product of the 90s... We were taught two concepts that would take us far in life: recycling was going to save the Earth, and bleached, refined, white flour was going to make us fat.
But not being allowed to do something makes me want it even more.
...Which is why I often dream about Warburtons...
...And why it was my go-to bread as make-shift hotdog buns.
If anyone knows of Warburtons in the US.... please let me know!

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