January 29, 2013

Welcome to 66B!

Well, its that time again. Time for me to change things around on you again (story of my life).

I couldn't sleep last night so I decided that instead of huffing and puffing and tossing and turning (and consequently giving Husband a bad night of sleep), I would utilize those peak-creative hours and make one more attempt at making this blog a bit more satisfying.

I've never been quite happy with the look, let alone the extremely long title.

Confessions of the Easily Influenced was a title I adored. I found it funny. Ironic. Mostly true. My goal was to have an underlying theme in each post alluding to how much each of us is influenced by everything around us... by what we saturate ourselves in. Whether or not that theme was apparent is besides the point now. I've realized that it may be a better utilized in a series of posts.

So welcome to 66B. What does it mean? Simply, its the address of our London apartment.

Not having much to do here has led me to a lot of self-reflection. Where have I been in life? What have I accomplished? What have I regretted? What do I wish to change? What have I been pleased with? What would I like in the future? What is my purpose?

While this isn't the time or place to answer these questions (I always love chatting over a cup of coffee!), I've decided that 66B is symbolic of the start of a new chapter in my life.

This isn't a bad thing. Or a good thing. There's no particular reason why I feel one chapter ending and another beginning. It just happens. Every couple of years I like to wipe my slate clean and give myself a fresh start. And this time? You get to join me.

Lucky, lucky you.

Let's do life together!
And thank you, dear reader, for joining me thus far. You 'da best.


You can now find me at: www.Blog66B.blogspot.com (old address won't work).
You can Twitter me @Blog66B (@IAmInfluenced is retired).
You can also follow me on Pinterest at Pinterest.com/Blog66B
OR you can just call me up and talk to me in person. Whatevs.

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