January 31, 2013

Winter Londonland

Who knew that London would be so pretty in the snow?
Seeing as it is sunny and warm today, I've decided that its a great day to reflect on the snow and other happenings these past few weeks and share those photos with you.

We fly back to the States in just one month. But there's still so much to do here before we leave!
So here's to a short winter... and hopefully an early spring!

Why is Andrew the best husband in the world?
Because he purposely tries to ruin every photo he's in!

Who says the Brits don't have good food?

Even this looks good to me!

British fish and chips with homemade tartar and smushy peas.

Only a dental hygienist would absolutely love this photo!

Highgate in the snow.

Matt and Andrew were able to take a week to backpack around Scotland before he went back to college. The main purpose of the trip? To hang out in St. Andrews and dream about golf.


My view from the back porch is wonderful... through sun, rain, or now!

The snow melted overnight... so of course, we (and everyone else) spent the next day outside!

Trying to avoid the mud and muck!

I love these kinds of homemade seats in the woods!

I spy Andrew.

Nothing like stopping by our favorite pub for a pint after a long day of trekking through the woods!

We spent the day at the Victoria and Albert Museum (aka the V&A...the best one around). Second only to the display of fashion through all the ages, this architecture room was my favorite.


Crazy glass at the V&A.

South Kensington area.

The Royal Hospital Chelsea. A scene from season one of Downton Abbey was filmed here!

The mess hall at The Royal Hospital.

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