January 5, 2013

Of Prepubescent Times

I just cut me some bangs.

Besides the fact that the above sentence would undeniably make me fail English class, I just cut me some bangs somehow seems completely appropriate in conveying my feelings on this day, the day I cut me some bangs.

No one under the age of 30 really cares about proper spelling or punctuation or run-on sentences these days. It is 2013, the year of simplifying one of the most difficult languages. No longer will ESL students have to worry about to/two/too. Instead, they can symbolically use a simple 2, which covers all bases. Same with four/for/fore/4. Really, if you know how 2 count 2 10 in English, you are good2go.

It is also the year of learning how to express oneself in no more than 140 characters (precisely why there is a need to shorten to/two/too 2 "2"). I sent out my first tweet this past month. And though I'm behind the trending times by a bit and wasn't sure if I had any use for Twitter, I am starting to feel good about it for a few reasons... One of which is the a4mentioned spelling theory.

Another reason why I am beginning to embrace Twitter is simply that I will never have to buy a magazine again. If I need to know the 50 uses of vinegar, I can refer to Twitter who will refer me to Pinterest who will refer me to a blog who will refer me to the actual page with the necessary information. The downside of this is distraction. Along the way, its possible to get lost in so many links that it is easy to forget the initial purpose of said research. The upside? No more physical clutter! No more stuffing piles of old magazines under the couch! No more paying for multiple magazine subscriptions in order to tear out a single recipe and store it in a binder for years to come!

[Instead, I'll have to deal with digital clutter, spending days on the computer, and dry eyes.]

But alas, I reach my point: I just cut me some bangs.

Until Ashlee Simpson hit the spotlight a few years back, I've never considered bangs. The idea did nothing for me but take me back to the 7th grade at a time where I was no longer a child but not yet a teenager. I was shy and small and too skinny with a hunk of bangs two inches high and hardened of RAVE hairspray (I even kept a bottle in my locker). I was counting down the days until my braces were removed. I had just recently gotten my ears pierced. I bought my first pair of teal and purple Nike sneakers. I proudly wore white socks with brown platform sandals. I was about to experience my first kiss. And of course, I was growing out my bangs.

Nobody wants to relive the struggles of prepubescent awkwardness in the 90s.

But thanks to Ashlee, Zooey, and Carly Rae, bangs are no longer a sign of awkwardness, but of mature, young ladies around the age of 30 who would prefer to cover expansive foreheads and pointy widow's peaks and still be in style.

And though I've had bangs on and off these past few years, and consequently have gone through the very difficult and sometimes embarrassing stages of growing them out (there's just no good way to do it), I believe they are now worth it.

I used to think they made me look too young. But now that I'm 28, well, I'm embracing looking young.

I used to use half a bottle of RAVE. But now, I prefer less chemicals and more natural grease.

I used to feel the need to go to a professional to get haircuts. But now, thanks to Twitter and Pinterest and blogs and YouTube and Instagram and Facebook, I can now find enough information out there to confidently do it myself...

...And then find it completely appropriate to tweet something like:

i just cut me some bangs 
#diy #bangs #zooeydeschanel #carlyraejepson #ashleesimpson2003


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