June 18, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Just another quick update here because that's all this sleep-deprived momma can handle...

We had another ultrasound at week 34, and Maggie surprised us with a few poses of her own!

So if that's what is happening on the inside, here's what's happening on the outside:

We are all settled in to our *house* here in St. Cloud [woohoo!]. Baby items are being delivered by the truckload and I can finally pursue that nesting instinct that's been hanging around for quite some time. We miss Portland like crazy but know that Minnesota has some wonderful things to offer [if only it is some strange combination of mosquitos with a hint of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon].

Two big shout-outs: The first is to Andrew's family for driving up from Colorado to help us move in, paint, and be delegated by me. The second is to all who showered us with love through cards, cakes, gifts, and phone calls these past eight months. I'll admit, pregnancy can be a lonely road when we know no one and when family isn't around to pat my belly. But you all have helped to make it special! THANK YOU!!

More updates when the nursery is finished! Or when Maggie arrives [whichever comes first]!

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