May 10, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Currently, this is happening.

Also, this:

Oh wait, and this:
Trying to hide her face with her hands.

Any guesses as to what this is? HAIR on the back of her head! A whopping 1.5 centimeters of it!

How can you not smile when you see a cute little baby foot? Adult feet on the other hand... eh.

Maggie is doing swell and fine and great and has decided to entertain me with her dance moves every hour. Andrew and I liken Maggie's dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies (only the appropriate parts, that is).

Or if you prefer this version (again, only appropriate moves apply).

Now that you officially have the greatest song of the decade stuck in your head, please go about your day as you normally would, imagining that happening every hour, on the hour, in your belly.

Sometimes the only way to calm Mags down is to dance with her.

Three days of work remaining for me until I officially hang up my scalers and floss and semi-retire to Minnesota. Five days of good times remaining in our beloved Portland. I'll be honest, it is hard for both of us to say farewell to this weird-o town. Its a bit of a downer having to say goodbye to those who I have grown to love here. But I can only imagine what special kind of folk are waiting to become our Minnesota BFFs... 

I'll leave you with the one phrase that I've officially adopted into my vocabulary and have thus begun practicing because I just know they say it in the upper mid-west a ton (at least according to the movie Fargo)... 

[all together now in your best mid-western accents]

"Oh, geez."

<< m >> 

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