April 14, 2017

The Seventh Month

This month? Sleep training one child. Potty training the other.

[Who's grand idea was that?]

Sleep training had gone so well. After a few rough nights in the beginning, Pepper successfully went from waking us up every 4 hours down to one scheduled dream feed at 10pm! Andrew and I were elated that our lives were returning to a new normal. Sleep! Sleep! I remember you!

...until the next week. Waking... screaming... rocking... bouncing... shushing... singing... and eventually feeding her! Our hard work? Gone the instant we gave in and fed her. Sleep! Sleep! Please come back to me!

Sleep aside, little Pepper Mae has such a calming demeanor and is such a joy to be around. I don't ever want to put her down! Her favorite toy this month? Her big sister.

At seven months Pepper... 
...weighs almost 16 pounds (34th percentile)
....is 25 inches long (8th percentile)
...phase one of sleep training: sleeps from 6pm to 6am with a dream feed at 10. 
...has begun eating pureed solids (avocado and banana) though still spits most of it out.
...enjoys going to toddler library "school" just as much as Maggie does. Pepper is very alert and pays attention the entire time!
...really responds to music. She loves it.
...holds conversations in many different forms: She coughs. I cough. She gurgles. I gurgle. She blows raspberries. I blow raspberries. It is incredible how happy this makes her!
...sits on her own, though is still wobbly.
...stands if she is propped up.
...enjoyed snuggles with Grandpa Ed (last month).

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