December 26, 2016

The Fourth Month

There comes a point in a newborn's life where it is clear that they have decided to move out of the helplessly limp and cross-eyed stage onto a more interactive and cuddly baby stage. For lil' miss Pepper Mae, this change rapidly took place this month.

I remember reaching this point with Maggie and having a moment of awe when I realized I was now caring for a 'real' baby, a future human, a girl who may actually form her own opinions, and friendships, and style someday. Through a hazy layer of utter exhaustion, I remember getting so excited for the future of that little person.

Once again I've had that moment of awe.
Once again I am so excited for the future of this little person.
And it is a great feeling.

At four months tiny Pepper... 
...weighs 12.5 pounds (13th percentile)! 22.5 long (not on the charts yet)!
...wears 3 month sizes.
...naps one hour on, one hour off all day long.
...sleeps for one or two five-hour shifts each night (Thank goodness for dream feeds!).
...coos, chats, shouts, and gurgles whenever there is a quiet moment (which is hard to come by with a toddler in the house).
...immediately smiles, kicks, and squirms when engaged with another person (including seeing herself in a mirror). sucks on her fingers and is beginning to grasp toys and bring them to her mouth.
...loves swatting the toys that are hanging in her play gym.
...can now sit up by herself if propped.
...prefers to stand as opposed to sitting or laying.
...only takes her pacifier when falling asleep (as opposed to Maggie who needed it all. the. time.).
...rarely spits up (as opposed to Maggie who would soak at least two burp cloths each day).
...has been impossible to feed this month. She always squirms, turns her head, tries to help, and chews on the bottle. During most feeds we have to do a walk/rock/bounce routine or else lay her flat on her back to eat. teething. Mommy can feel #O and #P just under the gums!
...had such a fun week celebrating Christmas with the Turner family!

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