July 13, 2013

Denim: The New Gold [part 2]

In today's style feature, Denim: The New Gold [part 2], you may wish to refer back to part 1 in order to understand why I think it imperative to buy stock in denim right now. I'd like to say that everyone is doing it, or that there is such a thing as buying stock in denim, or if its even a good idea to buy stock in a particular thing if everyone else is currently doing the same [or that I understand anything about what happens in the stock market-- instead, I liken it to a very large game of Monopoly-- which I find just as confusing and boring].  

In part one we discussed what I thought to be the only similarity between gold and denim: both materials increase in value with age [see: Urban Outfitter's recycled vintage denim]. Today I'd like to pose an additional parallel: both gold and denim are timeless, everlasting, dare I say sacrosanct? Just when you thought your favorite piece of denim is something of the past, we turn another sartorial corner and see it shining in all its stonewashed glory. Proof? Here's what's currently in stores:


Remember those? 
Or how about these?

Upon returning to the states a few months back, my BFF Jenn and I were browsing the delicious racks of Anthropologie. I was in the mood for a romper; what instead presented itself was a flashback to an all-too-recent memory: the denim overall. Having willingly donated my beloved Gap overalls to Goodwill long, long ago (and subsequently promising myself to never buy those unflattering things again), I've since had a recurring dream, nay nightmare, in which I am parading down the street in my present-day life wearing those old overalls, completely ashamed and embarrassed. Why embarrassed? Because not only have they clearly been out of style for a very long time, but more importantly, because of the wedgie that they were giving me (having not been able to fit into a size zero since, well, since then). I know you know what I mean. When was the last time you saw someone try to squeeze into an old pair of jeans, forget to turn around in the mirror, and subsequently go out in public with an enormous wedge? Yesterday? Last week? The week before that? If you haven't ever noticed that specific phenomenon before, you will now. 

Thank me later. And yes, it is culturally acceptable to check out/stare/gawk at a backside when such is the case.

So when I laid my eyes upon those denim overalls on the rack a few months back, I raised an eyebrow, shook my head, and walked on by. But I couldn't stop thinking about them. As androgynous and ill-suited as they may be, I've since realized I am still quite attached to the idea of a one-piece, stonewashed garment. I remember spending many wonderful moments strutting my boy crazy, teenage self around in them. They were also the go-to outfit during freshman Twin Day in which my bestie, Sara, and I dressed them up with a few pigtails. 

Thus I blamed my emotional attachment issues that day in Anthro when I decided to try those overalls on (also, blame Jenn and her friendly encouragement). And  again, I blamed my emotional attachment issues that day I decided to buy them (ridiculously on sale, I might add). And once more, I blame my emotional attachment issues on this day: the day where I acknowledge that I have never, truly, gotten over those beloved Gap overalls.

overalls// Anthro
hat// Gap
glasses// UO
clogs// thrift, Colorado, $5

The bloops:
My hat dance.
The ultimate glasses glare.

So here's to you Jenn, Sara, and my recurring nightmares. 
Here's to you, my long lost Gap overalls.
May we always comfort one another in times of embarrassing wedgies.


Also, photo credits go to Andrew who will willingly take the photos but will never sit still enough to be in them.

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