July 27, 2013

Rustic Irish Flat Bread

Recently I acquired a cast iron skillet.
Recently I also began wondering how I survived life pre-skillet.

What I initially wanted to use it for was to make my copycat Pizza Hut pizza recipe-- you know, the kind with a super greasy, golden, thick and crispy crust. And while I have been quite pleased with using the skillet in this way, I have also found many other surprising uses for cast iron. Namely, it kicks butt in creating the perfect crust on simply everything.

So the other day I found myself with ample potatoes.
I did a bit o' research and found a flatbread recipe that I had been wanting to try from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Abel & Cole Veg Box CompanionAbel & Cole is a service that we used during our time in London. They deliver weekly organic veg and fruit boxes sourced directly from the farmers. I loved opening that box every week and wondering what kind of veg was in season!

Making the flatbread took some time but was well worth it. You certainly can make it using only flour, and you can also use a regular skillet. However, the cast iron will "char" the flatbread and make it, simply, wonderful. Just a warning, though: plan ahead and make this on a cool day because the kitchen gets pretty steamy.

I love how the Brits think its perfectly normal to use words like 'veg' or 'spuds', or even how a 'knob' of butter is considered a precise-enough measurement!

The key is to roll it as thin as possible.
The type of potato you use will determine how pliable the final product will be
(i.e.  higher gluten content = a stretchy and 'foldable' flatbread).

Also plan to do this on a day when you can leave the windows open... the skillet will smoke!

Andrew's final product: locally made barbeque sauce, shredded chicken, and plenty of jack cheese.

My final product: Greek yogurt, lettuce, tomato, and pickled radish.

We couldn't eat enough of these! 
Sadly, the last few pieces (which we were cherishing) turned fuzzy pretty quickly. So be sure finish the flatbread within 48 hours.

Have fun, good luck, and as always if you try this be sure to let me know!!!!

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