July 29, 2013

Time for Ting! [Update]

Remember I wrote about my experience switching to an 18-month old cell company a while back? Another month has flown by and I have decided to update you on whether or not I have still been pleased with Ting.

  • We haven't noticed any dropped calls or poor service areas (though I am on the lookout!).
  • Bill payment went smoothly. 
  • 3G is a bit slow (but hey, it doesn't bother me). 
  • And customer service? Muy bien.
  • We paid a whopping $27 plus taxes last month and are expecting to pay the same this month. If this continues, this means that we will save $100 each month on cell service compared to big ol' Verizon. Astounding. Seriously, for poor folks who spent all their money in Europe and still have student loans to pay, this amount of savings is a blessing.

Also, remember when I made a disclaimer saying that I think it is super creepy when bloggers promote goods and services because I can't help but wonder what they are getting out of it? 

Let me be honest with you.

Shortly after I posted my review of Ting, I received a package from them thanking me for spreading the word. The package included a personal letter and also... drum roll please... a pair of socks!!! Wha'?? If I would have known I would be inundated with free socks just for writing about my experience, I would have started reviewing services long ago! 

I've always been looking for a pair of socks like these. I can wear them when I go golfing. Or on date night. Or even under my denim overalls. 

So my point is that I am still pleased with Ting's service, and though I may be a smidge biased now that  I have some fancy socks, I still recommend that you see if Ting is a good fit for you.

Although, really, I was hoping they would just buy me another Starbucks.

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