August 11, 2013

A New Chapter: Thrift Store Couture

Welcome to the newest chapter of 66BThrift Store Couture!

Thrift Store Couture has been a long time in the making and I am ecstatic about it. Why? Thrifting has always been second nature to me. And while it has gained much popularity in the last few years, there's only a small percent of trendy folks who actually prefer to make thrift stores their go-to when searching for something to wear on date night. Or for prom. Or for their wedding.

Let's be honest, there's only a small percent of us who will even buy used shoes.

[We are a special breed.]

So here you will find an array of sartorial musings, written by yours truly, intended to inspire you. It may make you laugh. It may even make you cry.

The rules of the game?

In order for an outfit to be deemed worthy of Thrift Store Couture, it must be mostly made of second-hand items from thrift stores, free piles, yard sales, etc. Also, anything from my own highschool collection is automatically deemed appropriate, seeing that 2003 is now considered quite dated [also, because it is a miracle that I fit into anything from ten years ago].

You have the right to assume that I have paid around $5 for each article of clothing. I will make it clear when I have paid more or when I am wearing something of which I bought from an actual store.

One more thing: The beauty of thrifting is that there are no rules in order to consider something trendy. Life has taught me that its not necessarily what you are wearing but how you wear it [i.e. the confidence that you wear it with]. Many times I challenge myself by trying to turn something that I hate into something that I love. Sometimes this works. Sometimes this fails.

Lucky you... now you get to join me for the ride!

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  1. I'm excited to see what you come up with! :) And I miss you.