August 11, 2013

Thrift Store Couture: The Man Shoe

What I really wanted was a pair of shiny, brownish-red loafers, preferably of the tasseled kind.
What I bought was something that I didn't want. It was something that I know I have oft scoffed at. It was something that as I walked right on by, I felt myself inevitably raise a brow, roll an eye, and exhale.


But I should know better.

I'm not sure if I'm a product of my own created environment or if this trait has been instilled in me since conception (Thanks, Mom). But whatever the case I have learned that for me, deeming something eye-roll-worthy usually means that it has struck some type of inner chord. Over time this chord can grow so strong that I return to the object of such affection and give it a deserving second glance.

That day in the thrift store, instead of a well-worn loafer, I fell in hate with these:

Though not my initial desire, these sandals are surprisingly akin to loafers. For instance, I can wear socks with both. I can dress them up; I can dress them down. And let's not forget to state the obvious: along with shaved heads, pant suits, and the newest addition: painted toenails, both styles of shoes are quite androgynous. Actually, forgive me. The sandal itself may give a clue to its purpose:
Gallen Kamp, Made in India

Though I claim they are suited for male and female alike, they may actually have been purposed for males of Asian descent. In fact, yup, in sixty seconds of Googling, I have yet to find a fruitful result of these shoes gracing the sexy female foot. But alas, some brill thrift shop volunteer inconspicuously placed them among the numerous square-heeled pumps of which I was browsing. It was, of course, my destiny.

From this experience alone I now know that the precise chord these shoes struck was indeed a soft spot for anything descended from Asian influence [not just because my future children will be able to tick the 'Asian' box on their college applications]. And though I have never and will never like the taste of curry or soy sauce, I can now say that hate these sandals I do not. I may not always agree with the unfortunate amount of attention they give to the two biggest toes [I have a strong aversion to toes]. I may always instinctually wear these lovelies with drop-crotch parachute pants. And I may still yearn for the day I possess those tasseled penny loafers.

But for now I will be satisfied in my Made in India man shoes.

I may even do the impossible and begin a new trend.

For that's the beauty of Portland, folks: anything is possible.

shirt// UO, on sale/non-thrift, $5
pants// thrift, Portland, $5
shoes// thrift, Portland, $5
glasses//UO, non-thrift, $10

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