September 12, 2017

The Twelfth Month

Time flies.

Need I say more?

Maggie's first year of life went very slowly for me. In stark contrast, Pepper's first year has, well, where has it gone?

At twelve months Pepper...
...weighs 19 pounds and 7 ounces (43rd percentile) 28 inches long (16th percentile)
...wears 12 month sizes.
...sleeps 5:30pm-5:30am.
...has officially eliminated an early morning short nap and currently takes two long naps each day.
...has easily transitioned from bottle to cup and from formula to milk (although she still takes one bottle early in the morning)
...has finally learned how to use a sippy cup with minimal coughing/choking.
...alternates between spiderman crawls and crawling on all fours.
...prefers to walk if possible (while holding our hands).
...will cruise around the house holding onto furniture.
...climbs up stairs. Unaware that she was capable of climbing up steps, one time we found her at the top of the steps having "sister time" with Maggie. 
...has 12 teeth (so early)!
...makes a high pitched bird tweet/barking noise for most animals. Also will mimic car and trains.
...can walk by herself with the walker though needs help turning.
...has begun to use her pointer finger to point at books. 
...mimics conversations and emphatically uses her hands. beginning to enjoy books though will only sit through a few pages. She'll alert us that she wants to read a book by dropping it in front of us. Or, if we are laying down, she'll drop it on our faces. Her favorite books alternates between Babies on the MoveWhere's My Nose?, Ten Tiny Toes, and a book with 100 photos of animals.
...favorite thing to do? Chase after ants. Also bounce on the trampoline and ride the rocking horse!
...other favorite thing to do? Play with Maggie! a picky eater. Loves fruit, cheese, and breads.
...knows a few commands: Come here, Drop, Put it in, Take it out hugs and open-mouthed kisses.
...bursts out laughing when others laugh.
...had such a blast when Andrew's parents came for a week!

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