December 14, 2012

10 for £10: Day Seven

In the words of Rihanna,
“Oh baby, it’s raining, raining."
It may have been the rain. Or waking up in the middle of a REM cycle. Or that painful pimple that popped up on my chin this morning.

Whatever it was, I spent the morning walking around in a gloomy fog: uninspired, lethargic, and lazy. Caffeine didn’t even give me my customary boost.
So I did what any person lacking inspiration would do: I poured myself an iced-cold glass of water, turned the country music up as loud as it would go, and stared out the window.

“She thinks my traaactor’s sexxxyyy…”
I call this soaking. Some call it meditation. Or reflection. Or contemplation.
Whatever you prefer to call it, it is that time when you quiet your thoughts and let your mind rest. I find that after a few minutes of this I feel better about myself and my creativity is usually at it's peak.
For most people, this kind of thing happens when they are falling asleep. Its in these moments when you remember that thing you were trying to think of yesterday. Or where you put your keys. Or what you should get your spouse for Christmas this year. 
For me on this day, somehow the combination of drinking water, country music, and the rain seemed appropriate enough to get me out of my slump, even if only for a few minutes… long enough to write today’s post.
So the inspiration for my super comfy and practical look today, day seven of oversized, manly, cream blazer, is simply my lack-of-inspiration while standing in the rain at a bus stop.

And now, the bloops...
My ghost leg.

Thanks, rainbow van.

Just give me some dark sunglasses and a boyfriend named Robert Pattinson, and you can call me Kristen Stewart.
We were having problems with the camera today. But some of the pics turned out pretty cool.
blazer// H&M
vest// Old Navy
hoodie// thrift store, London
tanks// Old Navy
Kuyichi jeans// thrift store, London
shoes// Target
earrings// Anthropologie
necklace// Forever 21

Total cost for this look? under $60
Well, I’m drained.
I think I’ll go watch reruns of LOST. Again.
Heck, if a great show like that didn’t have to make any kind of sense in the end, why should I?


  1. Where did you get that awesome mini harmonica charm for your necklace???

  2. Joy! I think the harmonica was an original to the necklace when I got it at Forever 21. I can't even tell you how many of my little nephews have tried to play it. I should probably disinfect it!