December 15, 2012

10 for £10: Day Eight

Question: What do George Michael,
Jude Law, Kate Moss, and I all have in common?

Answer: We can peer into eachothers' windows
 from the comfort of our own living rooms.

[not that I would ever actually do that]
One would hope that, if I were to throw a neighborhood block party, George, Jude, and Kate would deem it necessary to attend. Better yet, they could throw the party and I could attend!
Ok, so while I have never actually met my celebrity-neighbor-friends (yet), I can still hope that if I happen to tag them in my blog, and if they happen to Google themselves, and if my blog happens to be on top of the Google results list, they will realize that there is a fun American gal who happens to have too much time on her hands living across the street trying not to stalk them.
Here’s to hoping.
Until then, I will continue to stage photoshoots in front of their houses under the pseudonym of fashion bloggess… like I happened to do today.
So without further ado, here’s day eight of manly, oversized, cream blazer.


And now, the bloops.
Oh, the perils of long hair...

...and the wind.

Feeling the need to curtsy.

Never a good idea to stand in the middle of the road.

blazer// H&M
earmuffs// Urban Outfitters
flannel// husband's closet
dress// H&M
shoes// H&M
Total cost for this look? under $65
There's nothing wrong with a block party in the middle of winter.
I'm in the planning stages now...


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