December 13, 2012

10 for £10: Day Six

Today Andrew decided to earn his keep and not only play photographer, but director.

“Ok Melissa, do that thing with your hands.”
“Err, stop doing that thing with your hands.”
“Ok, now you need to smile more.”
"No. Stop. Definitely do not smile like that."

While this is all good and great, things got a little out of hand. It began with me doing weird things with my hands, then moved on to smiling too much [which I usually refuse to do for two reasons: a) I cheese it up, and b) A weird double-chin thing ends up happening], and then the photo shoot ended with a little tai-chi demonstration by yours truly.
Which brings me to the themes for today:
the color yellow, keeping-warm-in-shorts, and cheese.
Needless to say, today I give you more bloopers than good shots.
Welcome to day six of manly, oversized, cream blazer.

And now, the bloops...

blazer// H&M
flannel// Urban Outfitters
shorts// old & homemade
mittens// Urban Outfitters
tights// who cares
moccasins// Minnetonka
Total cost for this look? under $90
On a more important note, what's up with Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish? Are we that sick of crime shows and doctor dramas again and are searching for something more, er, simple? Don't get me wrong, I'm loving that the Amish are topics of conversations these days. It makes me feel like I'm at home in Lancaster. I wonder if anyone I know is in the Amish Mafia...
There's just something irresistable about a man with a bowl cut and suspenders.

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