August 22, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Days 49-50

Brugge! What a gem! All we knew of Belgium before arriving was that it is known for chocolate, french fries, and waffles. And, well, that wasn't too far off! There's probably no way to disappoint when you have those three specific items going for you.

Brugge was yet another very walkable town. The size was great, there were plenty of sights, lots of swans, a river, fountains, sunshine, and happy chocoholics. Needless to say, this blog will mostly be about food.

This has probably been the millionth city that we've visited, however, that's made entirely of cobblestone streets and cobblestone sidewalks. And no matter how charming and romantic cobblestone may be they get a bit tough to walk on after a bit. What I couldn't give to walk on some smooth pavement right now! You see, it goes like this. About every thirty seconds one of us will tripp on the uneven cobblestone. It's hard to know what to do in said situations especially if it occurs so consistently. So what's the first thing you do when one trips? Glance over your shoulder and scowl at whatever got in the way? With cobblestone, though, there's never anything in the way. Even so, it is quite hard to break that habit of looking over your shoulder and pretending something tripped you. It's silly, really, and goes something like this: trip, recover, scowl, glance back only to realize nothing was in your way, look around for witnesses, mentally call yourself an idiot, promise to not let it happen again, walk like a runway model (high knees!) for nine steps,  trip again, recover again, get passed by that French woman in the 4-inch stilettos...


-Dreaming of chocolate.
-French fries: There were two identical-looking french fry stands in the square who sold them for the same price. Legend has it that the fries on the left side are much better. So, of course we had to try both, and legend was right! The fries on the left ROCKED (still haven't gotten used to dipping them in mayo!).
-Fried cheese, salad, and a heaping mound of spaghetti: This was our dinner one night... The only cheap restaurant in the entire city. It did not disappoint!
-Vinegar tasting!: I had a wonderful time in an oil and vinegar store tasting all the deliciousness. Andrew decided to opt out on that adventure.

Not too much happened. But it was good to have a break from the big city and relax for awhile.

>> Food 1
>> Location 1
>> Activities 0
>> Comfort 1
>> Hotel 1

The FLACH? 4 chocolate-filled stars.

Who needs chocolate when you can have chocolate?

Again with the chocolate!
Fried cheese balls and a huge bowl of spaghetti!?! Where's the chocolate?
Standing outside the oil and vinegar shop!
Very picturesque!
I want this when I grow up.

I spy cobblestones.

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