February 24, 2013

TMR+PJK = All My Dreams Have Come True

I think I just peed a little. I. Am. So. Excited.

Why? Only because my brotha' from anotha' motha' (i.e. The Man Repeller, TMR) has just announced that she has collaborated with Patterson J. Kincaid to introduce her own clothing line!
I never thought this day was possible!

Upon first glance and even further glance at the collection, I am certainly impressed. She has kept it true to her: trendy, while still having a slighty repulsive angle; feminine, with a hint of masculine and androgenous undertones; but most importantly, loose-fitting pieces that include the capability of camouflaging certain parts of a woman's body that she would rather not share with others (think: too much pizza with a bloated belly while in the middle of your period). In the spirit of TMR, she has strategically created ample room for layering and creativity. The beauty here is not in the actual pieces themselves, but the incredible and infinite combinations that present.
And while I am certainly impressed with the pieces and would rather focus on the many strengths, I do have two simple disappointments to share: 1) The price is far too high for the lowly commoner like myself. At most, I will allow myself one item per year if I am fortunate to save enough pennies. I'll just have to do what I normally do and wait for the day her collection shows up in the thrift circuit; and 2) While I admit the collection was true to TMR values, I expected more. More patterns. More creativity. More flannel. More denim. I understand these things take time to come to fruition. I understand it is a collaboration and not a solo project. I understand this is round one. Really, all it does is make me impatient for round two (in which I eagerly hope for a jumpsuit or two).
Here are a few screenshots of what I believe to be the highlights.
Themes: A basic, white, statement-tee that can be dressed up and dressed down; a black dress that doubles as a sexy nightgown; a head to toe too-much-but-not-too-much floral combination; and in keeping with my London Fashion Week inspirations and yearnings, a selection of high-waisted shorts! Also, take note of the gold suit jacket and shorts combo above which is my all-time favorite, though I don't see it available for sale [yet]. 
PS- For more information on where you can buy TMR, go here.

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