April 4, 2013

Reorientation to the Motherland. Phase One: Lancaster

So we are back! After a hop, skip, and one jump through Portugal, we gracefully landed in New Jersey, our European adventure being officially over.

I miss London even more than I anticipated.

However, we have since spent one wonderful month with our loved ones.
Let me summarize the highlights in just a few brief points:

  • We spent the first few days hanging out in Princeton with our BFFs Victor and Jenn. It was great to see our old stomping grounds, reminisce about all NJ has to offer, and wonder about our futures. From there, we headed back to Lancaster.
  • Oh Lancaster, what a delight. 
  • We started off on the right foot by celebrating Chreaster, which is some sort of holiday hybrid. We began the day giving presents and then concluded the day with an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • I spent never-enough time with my girlfriends and their cute babies. 
  • We stayed up super late with the parents. 
  • We helped my sister move.
  • We ate some really big pizza (25 inches!), ate at too many buffets, and thoroughly enjoyed some spicy green sauce from El Serano's!
  • We finished dozens of homemade truffles and plenty of Achenbach's donuts (Thanks, Mom and Grandma!).
  • We went to the Gap Mud Sale and were reminded, once again, how unique Lancaster is.
  • Speaking of unique, I was able to watch three episodes of Amish Mafia before I needing to come up for some fresh air.
  • On Monday, we tried to embark on our three-day road trip to Colorado. But then a snowstorm hit.
  • On Tuesday, we tried again. But then our car broke down.
  • On Wednesday, we tried again. But then Andrew was sick. And when I mean sick...
  • On Thursday, we knocked on wood, crossed our fingers, and sped off into the sunrise.
I've included some photos for your enjoyment. I'm learning how to use our new iMac, so disregard the experimental photo edits.** 

**Sigh. I can't even tell you what it is like to compute at a "real" computer. Years of iPads and Netbooks can only lead to negative thoughts...

Success is when we get at least one limb of all seven in the photo.

I spy green sauce!!

Wandering around the Susquehanna waters at the Wrightsville Bridge.

Sis and I stumbled upon this abandoned farm on one of our drives. Would love to live here!


Adorable Val and adorable Harper!


Even more temping...

I can't  believe we were able to get the entire pizza AND the boys in the shot!

How can you not fall for them!?!
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