February 10, 2015

The Seventh Month

I really have no words. 
My little baby isn't so little or baby anymore. 
Tiny bits of a little girl are now starting to appear. 
I think its freaking both Andrew and I out.

...Wait. We have a daughter?...

At seven months Maggie... 
...weighs enough that Mommy always has a sore back.
...six month sizes are a thing of the past.
...began her first stage of sleep training. She is in her crib from about 6pm until 7am with scheduled feedings at 10pm and 6am. Its a bit rough between the hours of 4am and 6am still...
...laughs a whole lot more. Also coughs for fun.
...grabs for all kinds of adult food.
...has conquered the 'pincer' grasp and successfully eats her cheerios one by one.
...doesn't have patience for a sippy cup but loves sipping out of an adult cup!
...bounces up and down on her butt.
...stands up for long periods of time as long as she is holding on to something.
...enjoys 'perching' at the front window to watch the broom-brooms drive by.
...loves strings, standing under the ceiling fan, playing peekaboo, singing Old MacDonald, and eating her toes.
...doesn't stop moving, talking, or blowing raspberries.
...will sit and stand on command (with a bit of help).
...can choose between two books and has realized that books are for reading, not chewing.

Up next? Month eight.

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