November 12, 2014

The Fourth Month

When Maggie was first born, I remember looking at babies who were four months old and thinking how grown up they were-- they could hold their heads up, smile, and gurgle. I remember being so excited for Maggie to get to that stage. Now that she has most definitely arrived, I have a hard time remembering her as that fragile newborn, as the baby who didn't need to be entertained, as the smelly sack of grunting cuteness who, instead of slobbering and cooing, spent her days sleeping and snoozing. 

I must have blinked.

And now she's almost driving.

Slow down there, little one.

At four months Maggie... 
...weighs almost 14 pounds (41st percentile)! 25" long (70th percentile)!
...wears 3 month sizes.
...goes to sleep around 6pm. Feeds at midnight and 4am. Wakes around 7! noisy, noisy, noisy!
...has long conversations with us.
...won't stop smiling.
...loves sucking her fingers.
...rolls from back to belly and is working on rolling from belly to back.
...prefers sitting up to laying down.
...holds her head upright during tummy time.
...has begun laughing although isn't quite sure what's happening when she does!
...constantly squirms, turns her head, and loves to 'help' hold her bottle during feedings. This results in very messy and very long feeds!
...was an angel during our first overnight road trip! Well, except for that one emergency stop in the McDonald's bathroom where she somehow got "it" all up in her hair.
...has on-and-off teething episodes. Mommy can't wait to take care of those cute little pearly whites!
...needs to constantly be interacting with another human or at least watching one.
...had a wonderful week snuggling with PorPor (Grandma Turner)!


Rocking her first Chucks.

Gearing up for the Minnesota winter.

She looked even more hilarious in person.

Up next?
A look at the nursery for all those who have asked for photos!


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