April 9, 2015

The Ninth Month

We finally were forced to childproof the house. 

And by finally I mean we are still working on it.

Now that Maggie is crawling, I find it easiest to just follow her around and take things away from her as soon as she gets into them: That cupboard? Now locked. That outlet? Now plugged? That crumb? Eh, that can stay.

But really, when will it ever stop? I know that as soon as I childproof it she's going to figure out a way to de-childproof it. That's what kids do, right?

Which brings me back to my original thought: It may be easiest to just follow her around at least until she understands the word NO... Which we are slowly but surely working on. 

Seriously though, who would ever want to say NO to this sweet little face?

At nine months Maggie... 
...weighs 19 pounds (61st percentile).
...is 28 inches long (60th percentile).
...wears 12-18 month clothes (those gams!).
...sleeps from 6-6!
...loves sweet potatoes and eggs. Hates sauerkraut. Loves to bite into bananas.
...crawls!! It is so cute to watch her explore.
...likes snuggling a bit more.
...is entering the 'stranger danger' phase.
...has EIGHT teeth!
...still digs ribbons and strings.
...claps her hands together. Plays peekaboo. Gives super wet kisses.
...squirms so much that it is impossible to change her diaper. The only exception to squirming is when we read books. She can sit through ten or more (as long as she gets to turn the page).
...has such a good time taking baths.
...is constantly on the move: up, down, crawl crawl crawl. She always tries to persuade us to hold her hands so that she can walk.
...gets so excited when Daddy comes home so that he can throw her and make her giggle.

Up next? Month ten.

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