June 10, 2015

The Eleventh Month

I can sum up this month in two words: cognitive function.

Now that Maggie has semi-conquered walking, I think she has allowed herself to move onto other types of skills. She has begun to mimic us in both actions and sounds, recognize that words have meaning, remember what objects are, and even react to our emotions. Every day it is something new. I now understand (if I hadn't before) when parents say kids soak things up like a sponge.

[Great. I guess we now have to watch what we do and say. Crap.]
[Oh wait, can I say crap around her?]

This month was VERY busy. We began by flying to Colorado to see Andrew's family. We had a few playdates. And we ended the month with Grandpa Ed and Grandma Judy driving out for a visit!

Andrew and I are having such a good time with her right now. She is downright hilarious. The more interactive she becomes, the more we laugh at her. Though we are enjoying every moment now, we can't wait until she is able to express herself more clearly. Also, we can't wait until she has more hair!!

At ten months Maggie... 
...wears 12-18 month clothes.
...has ten teeth (incisors and lower molars)... EARLY!
...loves being around other people. She was the star of the show during a packed house at Josh's graduation party. And she gets so excited when she sees other little people. She also did surprisingly well around her first newborn! Go Maggie!
...eats e v e r y t h i n g. Raw onions and sharp cheddar make a wonderful breakfast.
...takes a few steps on her own but still prefers to hold on to something (box, bike, stroller, walker).
...loves the water! On hot days we spend time at the splash pad in the park. She cries when we have to leave it!
...can focus on animals when we point to the bunny in the yard, the duck in the pond, or the bird in the sky.
...follows our gaze and knows what pointing is for.
...had her first cat and dog experience. She wasn't sure what to make of the cat (the cat wasn't sure what to make of her). The dog stuck his big ol' face in her lap and consequently made her pout.
...has a new favorite food: blueberries.
...makes out with herself in the mirror.
...gets a hoot out of dropping things out of her crib. Thus far she hasn't figured out that dropping food could be really fun. Cross your fingers.
...babbles and tries to copy sounds. She makes animal noises (though they all sound the same).
...recognizes words: bottle, baby, car, stroller, Cheerio, book, ball.
...inconsistently follows commands: Come here. Give that to Momma. No mouth. Walk.
...learned how to roll/throw a ball... kind of. She spastically waves it around and randomly releases.
...prefers to always be around someone versus wandering off on her own.
...sleeps 6pm-7am.

Lots of photos this time! Enjoy!

Brothers! Even though this one isn't of Maggie, I find it just as cute!
This is one of the last photos together before Amy and  Bill officially become empty-nesters!

Up next? One year!!!!!!
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