September 24, 2014

The First Month

The first month.

The hardest month.

The best month.

It's just crazy how fast Maggie grows. This little smelly sack of grunting cuteness who all at once has taken over our lives continues to change every day! Sometimes it is an obvious change [like being able to stay awake through an entire feeding] and sometimes its isn't so obvious [like those physical changes that we only realize when comparing photographs].

It has been the hardest month because we have no idea what to do as new parents. Stress! Very little sleep!! Ack! What did new parents do before Google? My most profitable search thus far? What does healthy baby poop look like? Very informative.

It has been the best month because we have gotten to know Maggie. When I was pregnant, Andrew and I would often wonder what she would look like and, more importantly, what her personality would be like. It has been amazing to catch glimpses of that personality those few times that she has actually been awake and alert.

Life is a miracle. She is a miracle.

At one month Maggie...
...weighs about 7 pounds (11th percentile). 20 inches long (35th percentile). wearing preemie and newborn sizes.
...eats every two hours [or more]. very chill.
...loves to sleep. just learning how to cry.
...has slate gray eyes.
...likes taking baths.
...makes the best poop faces.
...loves napping on Daddy's chest.
...loved meeting Grandpa and Grandma Turner, Uncle Matt, and Uncle Josh!
...loved meeting Auntie Carly!
...looks like an old man doing Tai Chi every time she stretches when she wakes up. Very entertaining. loud and proud about her male-patterned-baldness.

Recently, our Auntie Janice designed and made this quilt for Maggie.
It is too precious to use so we are displaying it on her wall in the nursery.
Janice creates such eclectic quilts that I can't help but love. To see more, go here.

Up next? Month two.

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