July 10, 2013

Denim: The New Gold [part 1]

Who needs gold when you can own as much denim as you want? 

For as many pros as gold may have (beauty, wealth, beauty, and wealth), I feel it is necessary to discuss the cons: it is cold, it is hard, it is metallic, the price is such that no common commoner can afford it, it is yellow, it can acquire a funny smell, and it can only really be worn as an accessory. On the other hand, the pros of denim? It is supple, it is pliable, it is affordable, it comes in all shades, one can wear it head to toe and be proud. And you know what? BOTH materials increase in value with age! Proof? Urban Outfitters is currently turning vintage jeans into cut-off shorts and selling them for a hefty price. They literally walk into the local thrift store, find the cheapest pair of jeans they can, snip off each pant leg, shove it into the Maytag (at least I hope), and stick a hipster price tag to it. Take a look:


I've been cutting up old jeans since I came out of the womb. 
Alas, I missed my destiny once again.

A few years back the entire Turner gang was Christmas-ing in Florida. Since thrifting has always been a significant part of our lives, it is often one of our go-to activities when we are together. This particular day's particularly sweet deal was a sleeveless, denim, button-down vest from Old Navy (circa 1990 judging by logo and style). I spent less than five dollars on it. I liked how it felt. I liked how it fit. At that point, I knew of no other [trendy] person who owned a similar item. The eventual goal was to break it in, rub it down, and give it the ultimate "worn in" look. 

Fast forward a few years, a hop, skip, and a jump across many lands, and I'm still wondering what to do with it. Suddenly I begin to see a trend developing on the streets of Princeton, then London, then in my frequently frequented stores:


And then I see it.

Of course denim would partner with polka dots. And of course that is why I must have thought it so important to buy that vest not so long ago in a land not so far away.

So with a little help from some friendly chemicals, sand paper that I picked up from a free pile, and some sharp scissors, I encouraged that vest to be the best that it could be. I broke it in. I rubbed and scraped and cut. I practiced my imperfect polka-dot making skills. And I tried not to get bleach on any clothes that weren't intended to have dots on them (which, in my case, is pretty hard to do).

And of course, you can't have a fashion blog without the bloop...

Speaking of clothes circa 1990, this skirt and bag have been around my closet for a very long time. I have no shame.

vest// DIY c/o thrift store, Florida, $5
skirt// H&M (circa 2004)
heels// thrift store, Philadelphia, $10
bag// thrift store, Lancaster (circa 2001), $1
sunglasses// UO

I think I'll go buy some stock in denim with all this money that I have saved.

PS-- Cutting 10 inches off of my hair was the right thing to do. NEVER let me grow it long again. Andrew also recently had a similar hair experience (though his was only a mere 7 inches...).

Up next? Another wonderful tale of Denim: The New Gold [part 2].

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