December 8, 2012

10 for £10: Day One

Oh boy. My first day of fashion blogging. And what an adventure we had.
So here's how it happened:

I gave my tiny Canon PowerShot camera to Husband, who did his best to hide his irritation because I interrupted his football game for something more important, like said fashion, and we went as far as the front sidewalk. It was freezing. I felt funny trying to pose. He felt funny taking so many photos. We tried to act cool when people walked by. Out of fifty photos in five minutes, only a handful turned out. I was humbled. But so it goes.
These photos are raw. No editing. No Instagram.
(If I ask my little netbook to do additional things, like photo editing, I think it would give up and die.) 

Let's get started.
Day one of manly, oversized, cream blazer.
Duh, doesn't everyone stand like that?

I wanted to highlight the fact that there is no longer any need, for anyone, anywhere to touch up roots anymore. Dark, two-inch roots on a chunk of platinum hair? Priceless.

Classic. Just meandering along.
 In my research while preparing for this series, I've realized that fashion bloggers take themselves much too seriously. I mean, what good is a movie without the bloopers? What good is a mocumentary without the gag reel? What good is the beauty of fashion without a pinch of unflattery?
(BTW, Bridesmaids bloopers are are some of the best.)
(For the sake of my self-esteem, any bloopers that I share will be no larger than they have to be in order to understand the bloop.)
My scrunched-up face that all models aspire to achieve. Be jealous.

If one is trying to make their thighs look slimmer, do not take a photo straight on, from below.
Especially in short shorts, or a skirt, or the beloved skort. And just do everyone a favor and don't try to tell the photographer what to do during the photo shoot. He's just trying to hurry so he can get back to his football.
BTW-- I now know that as an official fashion blogger, it is quite okay and normal to, once finished with the photo shoot, immediately change into the LA Gear sweatpants and fuzzy slippers that you wear every day (my current state).
blazer// H&M
tank// H&M
owl necklaces// street market, Barcelona
skirt// thrift store, London
gold bangle// thrift store, London
booties// Marshall's
Total cost for this look? $47
Whew. Glad that's over.
Nine more to go.


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  1. You're just like Kendi everyday :) you make a very believable fashion blogger :)