September 26, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Days 85-86

It's hard not to fall in love with a city that continuously forces delicious food into your belly. Welcome to Siena, land of plenty.

For dinner that first night we had excellent pasta with a lemon tiramisu for dessert.

For lunch the next day we again had excellent pasta.

For dinner that night, we forced down some more excellent pasta (though had to ease it down with soup for me and osso bucco for Andrew).

{See, I DO let Andrew eat large chunks of meat! No matter how cruel of a life the little calf lived...}

Being scrumptiously satisfied also makes it easy to forget the numerous charges Italian restaurants get away with... Charging for tap "filtered" water, charging a per person cover charge, charging for 'complimentary' bread, and charging a 10% service fee. For instance, we paid 27 Euros for a meal that technically cost 18 Euros. At least we didn't have to tip. Humph.

We were hosted by friendly Fabrizio, in his small guesthouse, complete with a fresco on ceiling  of our room. There was just something about Siena, and Fabrizio, that gave off a great vibe (how could you not with a name like that?)... similar to how I have described Avignon... Friendly, laid back, beautiful, personal. We spent a lot of time sitting in Il Campo, the towns main square. It's nothing but a huge concrete slab, but for some reasons it shouts "Sit on me!" and we all listen... Even if we had to sit on the hard concrete, night after night, doing nothing except staring up at the clock tower and dreaming about our next dish of pasta. When our lower halves were numb from sitting so long, we explored by once again keeping the map in our pocket and allowing our senses to lead us. I have found that the unexpected is much easier to appreciate... rather than researching and planning every turn of our exploration.  We discovered great views, art galleries, striped churches, plenty of arches, and we even joined the local men for their 7pm stroll. 

Yes, indeed, Siena, we shall meet again someday.
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The Turner FLACH Rating? 5 yummy stars.

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