September 25, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Days 83-84

Many people have great times in Florence studying the art and eating the cuisine. I think Andrew even had a pretty good time. I didn't particularly like it. However, I didn't necessarily dislike it. Unfortunately, for me, Florence was pretty vanilla-y.

Of course, it didn't help that upon arrival the hotel where I made a reservation at informed  us they never received said reservation and did not have a room for us. Apparently I booked the room through their old website, which was supposed to be non-existent, but still had some booking capability to it. After a very long and sweaty train ride to Florence and four days without WiFi, this was not how I wanted to start my time there.

However, the receptionist was very apologetic and helpful, and after exhausting her list of first choice hotels, finally found availability at Hotel Cordova. Hotel Cordova was, well, let's just say we saved money by staying there and it provided some shelter. I took only one photo there, and it is of a sign posted on the wall welcoming us in to our room (scrolling down now and finding the photo may be a good idea).

Along with double checking the lock on our hotel room door countless times throughout the day, Florence provided plenty to do. We explored on foot... checking out the scenic views of the city (as well as the scenic views of the many nude statues throughout... It's okay to stare, right?). We saw the replica of Michaelangelo's David (who wants to waste precious time and money to see the real thing?). We saw Ponte Vecchio, the famous bridge built by the Medici family, which now hosts countless numbers of gold and jewelry shops. We ate lasagna and tortellini at a sweet vegetarian restaurant called Il Vegetariano, and had our fill of gelato.

All in all, two nights in Florence was just enough.
>Food 1
>Location .5
>Activities .5
>Comfort 0
>Hotel 0

The Turner FLACH Rating? A mild 2 stars.

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