September 29, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Day 87

This is how I almost slept in Robert Pattinson's bed.

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you may recall many times where I have alluded to or mentioned the name Robert Pattinson. I assume, especially after the events of the last month, that most of you are now well aware of who he (and his unfaithful ex-girlfriend) is. But I also have to assume that some of you are UNfamiliar with the name.

Meet Robert Pattinson: A 20-something year old lanky Brit who became famous around 2007 for his hunky, overly romantic, and super cheesy role of playing Edward Cullen, the star vampire in the Twilight movies. There have been four movies so far (which are based off of a series of books by Stephenie Meyer) and the final one is to be released mid-November. With my loving husband fully aware, admittedly, "RPattz" is also my official celebrity crush.

Whew. It feels good to get that out.

Admitting this might be a little too revealing... Even for me!

Let me sidetrack and say that it feels strange, oddly disappointing, very humbling, and a little unsatisfying to admit to you that I have a crush on a celebrity. I mean, how old am I? Do I have nothing else going on in my life? Do I not realize that he is an actor playing a role and is meant to be crushed on? Admitting my crush in permanent cyber ink for all the world (and my mom and dad, and everyone else who has ever thought well of me, and maybe even RPattz if he ever Googles himself) to read is scary. 

 And for the record, I will once again note that my loving husband is fully aware of the situation and has a wonderful time making fun of me for it. Again. And again. And again. 

The world has watched as RPattz went from being an unknown actor in Harry Potter, to topping Hollywood Top 10 lists in just a few years. He breaks the usual celebrity stereotype by being awkwardly humble, by stumbling his way through interviews, and by constantly making fun of himself. In no way do I claim to know him personally... But its easy to get to know him because he doesn't put on the typical happy&perfect&rich celebrity facade. Mostly, I think his antics are super funny... Like how he seems to have no idea what to do with or where to place his big, bright white hands during interviews (though his perfect control over fine motor skills is revealed when you watch him play classical piano). In short, he's just a 26-year old dude who has the whole world watching him try to figure life out and is sometimes 
mistaken as a vampire.

So why am I giving you too much info about Robert Pattinson?

Because I almost slept in his bed. 

(Technically, Andrew almost did too, but that doesn't sound quite right.)

We spent a short 24 hours in a small Tuscan town called Montepulciano...  my favorite town so far. "We" decided to go there because one of the movies in the Twilight series (New Moon, 2009) is filmed in it's main square. Upon making reservations at a random hotel in town, we learned that the Twilight cast had stayed there during filming!!! Such a great coincidence. So, "we"did the natural thing and requested room 232... The room Robert Pattinson stayed in!! Unfortunately the suite was already taken. Instead, "we" did the math and figured out that with 10 rooms in the hotel, and probably two sets of sheets per room, there is roughly a one in twenty chance of having Robert Pattinson's sheets on our bed. Cool? Sick? Or just gross?  I'm not sure.

[For those of you who know the movie, the scene that was filmed in Montepulciano is the one when Alice and Bella drive to Volterra in the yellow Porsche... And Bella runs through the streets around the people in the red hoods... Through the fountain to the clock tower... And saves Edward from taking his shirt completely off and getting killed by the Volturi.]

[For those of you who don't know the movie, go ahead and laugh at how ridiculous the aforementioned scene sounds... Get it out of your system... And then go read the book.]

However, the wonderful staff of the Albergo Duomo, being fully of aware of my crush,  allowed me to sneak a peak and take some photos of 232. I thought it best not to touch the bed, though, because the maids hadn't cleaned it yet.  Thank you, Albergo Duomo staff, for making my day year.

Montepulciano is more than just Twilight though. It also has great views of Tuscany from its hilltop perch. Similar to other small Tuscan towns, it is known for beautiful architecture, vineyards, pasta, and wine. We spent our precious 24 hours searching out all the corners, streets, and squares that were made famous by Twilight, sampling wine and cheese, and staring out into the Tuscan countryside.

We also discovered that Montepulciano has a "city" underground... a huge collection of tunnels connecting different wine cellars... vaulted ceilings, dimly lit labyrinths, casks of wine taller than I was... I hope the photos convey how cool it was to walk though them. Best of all they were free and usually ended with wine and cheese samples.

I also realized where walnuts come from. I don't know why it's taken 27 years and a trip to Italy to realize walnuts aren't born pre-chopped and packaged into plastic bags. I had no idea how big, or how brain-like, they really are.  Just fascinating. (Our hotel 
had a bowl of whole walnuts in the sitting area.)
As short as our time was in Montepulciano, I would love to go back someday. Small town Tuscany is a happy place for me and I can't wait to discover more of it (and not just because of Twilight). 
Except next time we go "we" will be sure to reserve room 232 far in advance. 
...54 days until Breaking Dawn Part 2...

>Food 1
>Location 1
>Activities 1
>Comfort 1
>Hotel 1
The Turner FLACH Rating? 5 shining stars (Andrew says 4).

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