November 2, 2013

Photo Dump: The Color Fall, Deer Heads & Saying Goodbye

It's Saturday morning and Andrew is busy watching Arsenal v. Liverpool. So what better way for me to spend my last dregs of coffee than to provide you with another photo dump for your entertainment. In these photos I've explored Portland in the fall, visited Lancaster to say a final farewell to my grandparent's house, and found that the vegetarian in me is actually a proud owner of the front half of a deer.

This week's photo dump is brought to you by the 'color' fall, deer heads, and saying goodbye.

NW 23rd: Who knew Portland would have this much color!!

Besaw's Restaurant: Some kind of open-faced burger with sausage gravy. Perfect for Andrew.

Besaw's Restaurant: Delicious butternut squash soup for me! I tried to replicate it at home and totally failed.

Besaw's Restaurant: My dessert.

How I spend my evenings.

My grandparents are finally downsizing. They decided to auction off the estate. SO MANY good memories here as a kid!

These always remind me of Grandma!

How many generations have played on this?

Milk bottles galore!

Grandpa's trucker hat collection.

The last of Grandpa's garden.

Grandpa and Grandma.

Ari's prize possession from the auction...

…matchbox cars!

Chase's prize possession from the auction: a black hat and flour sifter!

Noah and Krista!

MANY memories playing with my cousins in these fields! 

I am now the proud owner of a trophy from Grandpa's 1961 hunting season. Yes, the deer is wearing an earring and a necklace. Long story...

Saying goodbye to the house was hard. Saying goodbye to those I love was even harder. But really, how can I be sad when I can now mount a deer head above my bed?

See you at Christmas, Lancaster.

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