November 9, 2013

Thrift Store Couture: Incognito In A Trench

I am going to make this as short as possible because we recently returned from a walk to the library wherein I found a few new cookbooks I am eager to peruse. That, and Andrew is huffing up a storm while trying to dissect a doorknob (the closet locked me out). Needless to say, I should probably go help him. Or at least cheer him on.

A few things to note before we begin:

1. Lately I've been obsessed with gravy. Gravy has been one of those things that I've missed since becoming full-fledged vegetarian. I found a great recipe for mushroom gravy (note: I don't like mushrooms) and have been eating nothing but biscuits and gravy for the last few days. I can't wait to share the recipe with you!

2. Portland's infamous rainy season has officially begun. Will I survive? Eh. No one knows for sure.

3. I recently acquired a Burberry trench coat that probably cost more than my first car.

It is about this Burberry trench that I would like to discuss today. In that it currently rains every day and I now possess such an object of rain 'gear', I would like to show you a few of the many ways a trench coat can be versatile. Namely, it doesn't matter what you put under it [if anything] or what shoes you to wear with it. In fact, the coat covers so much of a person that with only a few additional accoutrements one can be completely incognito. And then it really wouldn't matter what shoes you felt like that day.

In this first scenario, here is a woman who says to Portland's rainy season Bring it on. Boots? Check. Umbrella? Check? Trench? Check.

Or maybe this woman prefers to let the rain wash over her feet? Such a scenario would seem appropriate for Crocs. 

But what if she was simply taking the rubbish out? Comfort and a semi-protective shoe may be the way to go… like a slipper?

Or what if she wanted to go on a grocery run? Scratch the groceries. How about if she wanted to go for  an actual run?

But this final scenario brings me to my point. Boots, slippers, Crocs or Sneakers? It really doesn't matter. It is what is secretly hidden under the trench that truly counts. Maybe she is walking through the rain for something far more important than taking the rubbish to the bin...

…like for a glamorous date? Or a night at the theater? Or a night out with the girls?

The bloop: "Jump, Melissa, Jump" he says.

trench coat// Burburry, hand-me-down
romper// thrift, Portland, $10
heels// thrift, London, $10
sneakers// Diesel, thrift, Princeton, $5
jewelry// odds and ends

Dear Portland, bring on the rain.

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