January 31, 2014

Meet Baby T

It's been three months. Sorry for the lull. Really, though, not too much can happen in three months. Right?


To sum: We spent Thanksgiving with the Turners in Colorado. I turned twenty-something. We found out we were pregnant. We spent some sunny moments on the coast. We spent some incredibly snowy moments in Pennsylvania for Christmas. And most importantly? I chopped my hair off again.

Whoa. Back up. Pregnant?

I'm sure most everyone knows by now (except for my boss, which, well, she may have figured it out too), but if you haven't been introduced to Baby T yet, here s/he is!

I spent the first 11 weeks surviving. It went something like this: go to work, take a nap, try to eat something, go to sleep at 7pm. Don't get me wrong. Compared to what some of my friends have gone through, my first trimester was technically a breeze. I was most excited to see what kind of odd food combinations I would crave. Instead, I've sadly had to deal with food aversions. Boxed macaroni & cheese and frozen pizzas and GingerAle have never tasted so, um, bad.

I'd like to send a special shout out to all those friends and family to have celebrated with us thus far… and one extra special shout goes to my BFF, Val, who snuck me in to her work so we could hear Baby T's heart beat for the first time!

I am currently 15 weeks (4.5 months) along and am beginning to live the fun side of pregnancy. Though I have been feeling "flutters" (aka gas) for quite some time now, those flutters have picked up in frequency. In the past week I've also seen movements and sometimes a little "kick". Ironically, this usually happens at night when I have a full day's worth of food stored up and my stomach feels like it is will pop from stretching so much!

Baby T is officially due on July 24. Many of you have asked us if we are going to find out the gender. My answer is simply "Uh, do you even know me?" and is usually accompanied with a dramatic eye roll.

My plan for Blog 66B will be to continue my musings throughout this crazy time. We will be having more life-changing announcements coming up in the near future, so this will be my way of updating all of you who care about these sorts of things in one big swoop.

More importantly, I have been extremely disappointed in both style and price of maternity clothes. For the past year I have secretly been buying only clothes that are large, flowy, and/or could double as maternity wear. I am thankful that these types of things (as well as elastic-waisted pants) are trending. So stay tuned for plenty of Thrift Store Couture entries where I'll try to deal with dressing an ever changing beer belly.

Here's to Baby T for being just another excuse to go thrifting!

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