February 14, 2014

Oh, Those Jersey Days [i.e. Why I Have the Bragging Rights to Say My Work Has Been Featured on TV]

[Warning: I will brag.]

I always need a creative outlet. Cleaning teeth day in and day out doesn't necessarily allow for said outlet. So back in the day when Andrew and I lived in New Jersey, I couldn't say no when I was approached to be the interior designer of a brand new and unique coffee/tea/spice shop in downtown Princeton. I immediately persuaded my BFF, Jenn, to join me on this crazy [translate: CRRRazy] adventure. Jenn and I worked with the contractor and owners Mike and Mary through six months of insane hours. Eventually the shop opened.

Its been two years since we said goodbye to those east coast days. Just a few weeks ago, I was sitting on my couch, the entire way across the country, mind you, in my fancy sweatpants [which happen to be of the extremely drop-crotch and floral-print variety]. I was using my precious last-days-before-Baby-T very wisely by watching ABC's The Bachelor, when my heart literally stopped

There they were were. Sitting in my coffee shop. Enjoying an atmosphere of which I worked hard to create.

The clip may only be a mere 30 seconds long, and even though my hard work is featured only in the background, I can't help but be proud. One of the most frustrating things when designing something from scratch (that isn't actually yours) is working with the owners to create something both parties are happy with and that can actually function well. So even though the shop isn't exactly how I would have designed it had I owned it, I am happy to see that it has been successful…

… Successful enough for ABC to film there!

Click here to see the full clip (fast forward to 11:42).

So I will raise my mug of decaf coffee to Jenn. 
Here's to our crazy [again translate: CRRRazy] adventures with Jersey Mike and Mary in the shop.
Here's to this season's bachelor, Juan Pablo. 
May we all find true love. 

Even if it is merely with a pair fancy, drop-crotch sweatpants.

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