December 17, 2012

10 for £10: Day Ten

I’m sad to say this is the final day of manly, oversized, cream blazer. I can’t believe ten days have gone by. More importantly, I can’t believe I’ve put together ten outfits from one suitcase.

Because I know better than to dwell on this particular sadness for more than four sentences (goodness knows there’s so many more important things to be sad about today), I’m going to focus my energies on looking forward to things to come:
  • Visitors! Andrew’s family is staying with us for a few weeks to discover London. I absolutely cannot wait!
  • A British Christmas! Eggnog! Mincemeat pies! Puddings!
  • A Happy New Years! Fireworks over London! Out with the old, in with the new! 2013!
  • Chreaster! What’s that you say? Its just my family’s way of dealing with their long lost sister/daughter never making it home for Christmas. But I’ll be back for Easter... So this year, Easter Bunny and Santa will have to learn to share.

With the inlaws around, there’s bound to be something good (creative and comical) going down for New Years. So of course, my first instinct was to ponder what I would be wearing during said celebration. I asked myself what would be critical in the ideal New Year’s outfit. I came up with nine key points:
1. It has to be festive-- sparkles, shimmer, metallic, glitter.
2. It has to be comfortable-- elastic, baggy, roomy.
3. It has to be a long-term commitment-- wearable for an entire day.
4. It has to be budget-friendly-- because I've worked hard for my dough.
5. I have to be able to nap in it-- pajama jeans??
6. It has to have room for expansion-- New Years =  food + fireworks 
7. It has to camouflage my YWWG*-- please see below.
8. It has to look like I tried at least a little-- no LA Gear sweatpants on this day.
9. Most importantly and most definitely, it has to look like I didn’t try too hard.  No one wants to be one of those people who love being ridiculous like the Situation, Snooki, Hulk Hogan, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise...

*YWWG = Yearly Winter Weight Gain.
So taking all those points into consideration,
the following outfit is what I came up with.
Welcome to day ten of manly, oversized, cream blazer.


For more on the where, the when, and the why of this bag, go here.

Sparkles? Check.
Festive? Check.
Elastic waste? Check.
Napable? Check.
Doesn't look like I'm trying too hard? Check.
...But where's the fun in that??
...Also, what's in the bag?

This is more like it...


Earring in nose? Rad.
Using leftover glitter from holiday ornaments as eye shadow? Priceless.

How'd I do?
blazer// H&M
shirt// Old Navy
leggings// who cares
shoes// Marshalls
earrings// Anthro
noseearing// Francescas
bracelet// thrift store, London
necklace// street market, Barcelona
assorted holiday decor// The £ Store
While we are on the topic of holiday decor, I've decided to follow in the footsteps of every other person on TwittBook and proudly show off my Christmas tree.

Why take life so seriously?
Here's to things to come!
And have a happy holiday.

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