July 15, 2012

Confessions of the Euro-fluenced: Day 12

I've been learning that things of which I have zero expectations for surprisingly become my favorite things. For example: avocados, Twilight, and Basel.

We only spent one day in Basel, Switzerland and were there for two reasons: it was on our way to the next city, and it was home to The Karl Barth Archive.

Even though Basel has been my favorite so far, the highlights are not super exciting... it just seemed that a few cards fell in place (and anything was better than Lucas and a lost passport).

The hostel was what I think hostels should be. It put others to shame. Located in an old factory building, it was hip, retro, relaxed, super clean, and the staff was helpful. We even discovered that our roommates were Twihards from Belgium. We shared a few high-fives when we discovered that.

Actually, it was more like she and I high-fived while the boys rolled their eyes.

Basel was small enough that we were able to walk around most of it, though the little green trams were irresistible (and free!). We hopped from tram to tram for a delightfully free tour of the city. If I lived there, I would definitely ditch the car and ride those fun little things!

Karl Barth is a very influential theologian in Andrew's realm, and apparently Basel thinks he's a big deal too. He has a plaza dedicated to him, and his former house was turned into an archive and museum. Needless to say, Andrew was thrilled. And I was thrilled that he was thrilled!

>Food 0
>Location 1
>Activities 1
>Comfort 1
>Hostel 1

The FLACH? 4 Twilight stars.

The entrance to the hostel!
The old-factory complex where the hostel was located.
Way to re-use!

Karl Barth's own copy of his Dogmatics.
Karl Barth Archive: trying to be thrilled.
Being the theologian that he is.
Karl Barth Plaza!
Resting by the river.
The Man, himself.
Basel street.

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