December 10, 2012

10 for £10: Day Three

I may or may not have applied my makeup with a paintbrush this morning.
Living out of one large suitcase for 8 months has surprising disadvantages advantages that include enjoying less clutter, making snappy fashion decisions, and creating alternative uses for the everyday object.
Today's photos include many examples of alternative
uses for the everyday object, such as:
-using said paintbrush to apply eye makeup
-wine glasses doubling as makeup storage
-using one of my 3 necklaces as a bracelet
-using Husband's wristband in my hair as a bun-holder
(the kind of cotton wristband that sports players use to soak up sweat)
I am inspired by my own creativity.
Successful day? Check.
Like yesterday's photos, there is also a three-fold theme in today's work: shadows, channeling my inner Black Swan, and styling my hair (for once).
So without further ado, here's day three of manly, oversized, cream blazer.
Holding on for dear life because its been a quite a while since I spent any time in heels.

Unnecessary layers.

Peering into Jude Law's windows.

Just, er, taking a break.

I think you've seen my entire jewelry collection already.
Hence the charm-necklace-turned-bracelet.

My favorite thrift store finds as of late.

What I wouldn't give for some PhotoShop right now.
If you look closely, you can see the white wristband in the bun!

I spy goosbumps.
And now for a bit of unflattery...
Did ya get it that time?

Walking Down The Street-- take four.

Please, let's be done.

There. Are. No. Words.

To clarify: I never, ever really look like this in real life.
blazer// H&M 
wristband in hairbun// Nike c/o Husband
earrings// Francesca's
denim shirt// Urban Outfitters
lace tank// thrift store, London
belt// Primark
dress// thrift store, London
heels// Ann Taylor
Total cost for this look? $77
15 days until Christmas.

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