September 27, 2013

Of Periods of All Sorts: Introducing Neat, A Meat Replacement

You know me. I don't eat meat.

In fact, the longer I stay away from meat, the more disgusting it becomes. Heck, I don't even like the smell of bacon anymore. I guess that chapter of my life is officially closed.

I'm also going through this with eggs. I used to eat a lot of egg salad. And breakfast sandwiches. I still want to eat eggs. I even had Andrew make me two eggs the other night when I thought I wanted  brenner (breakfast + dinner). I couldn't watch him crack the eggs into the pan. In fact, I told him to simply present me with cooked eggs on a plate covered with ketchup and pepper. I was so excited. But when he presented me with the object of my supposed desire, I took one sniff and that was that. Adios eggs. Another chapter officially closed.

As my boss would say 'Why would anyone want to eat chicken periods?' So, uh, that's settled then.

You know me. I don't even like to eat meat substitutes. Soy? Whatevs. Tempeh? Come on. Tofu? Did you say edible rubber? Veg patties? Hardly satisfying.

Enter Neat, a meat replacement based on nuts.

I first learned about Neat when I was on the phone with my lovely sister, Carly. She told me that our cousin's sister's friend's husband's wife (or some other crazy Lancaster connection) was experimenting with meat replacements and decided to market her idea. Since it wasn't available to Oregonians yet, Carly sent me a package of the Mexican blend.

I didn't know what to expect. I have had great experiences with nut-based meat replacements before (see Nut Roast: London). I was excited. However, since we've virtually stopped eating meat, we usually just throw some rice in the tacos. Thus I wasn't sure how necessary I would find Neat to be. However, I'm always up for a bit o' excitement.

I read the directions.

I decided I could eat chicken periods just this one time and only if they were disguised (of course, if that doesn't work for you, you can substitute with vegan 'eggs').

 I mixed.

 I cooked.

 I ate.

My thoughts? Not bad. Pretty good, actually. Really, it was delicious. It was a bit dry (like overcooked ground beef) but that didn't bother me at all. It looked the part. It tasted of cumin and other delicious Mexican flavors. My meat-eating, non-picky husband said he would definitely eat it again. I would definitely eat it again. I like that it isn't over-processed and stripped of nutrients. I like that it is simple. And I like that I can say that I virtually "know" the creator... it makes it more personal.

Neat also comes in two other blends which I am excited to try: an Original mix (for burgers) and an Italian blend (for meatballs). You can buy it on Amazon. You can even buy it in a few stores in Lancaster County.

On a side note, I am impressed with the design of their website: it is sleek, clean, and user friendly. You can check it out here. There's also an introductory video with an interview of Phil and Laura.

So, my fellow readers, if the thought of eating animal flesh and chicken periods grosses you out, but you are absolutely fine with eating plant periods (ie nuts), then I invite you to go try some Neat. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy yourself.

Oh, and then tell me about it. I always love a good period story.

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