June 23, 2013

The Sights and Smells of Portland

It is raining here in Portland.
I'm watching some skitzy hummingbirds fly in circles right now.
I'm pretty hungry. 
I miss my friends and family.
I have a few job interviews this week.
Denim overalls are back in style.
We just switched our cell phone service to Ting and are paying way, way, way less than with Verizon.
My husband is preaching a sermon today (on TV!).
The BBC Sherlock Holmes is pretty rad.
We are currently obsessed with hiking, picking fruit, and anything related to nature.
Life is good.
Here are the photos.

One never knows what will happen when on Sauvie Island.

Blueberry picking!

Our favorite U-Pick farm on Sauvie Island!

Portland and its bridges. That's a book in itself.

We stumbled upon this on a hike one day. NBC's Grimm was filmed here!

That's as high as I let him go. 
One of our favorite restaurants so far.

Homemade salt and vinegar chips!

Sausage, brisket, AND pulled pork on one bun.

NW 23rd! My favorite street!

Pietro Belluschi was the architect for our apartment building. Apparently he was so important that they honored him with a random quote on a random bench on a random trail.

New growth. Captivating.

We also watched an owl pluck and tear apart a rather large bird.

The International Rose Test Garden. I'm not a fan of roses (especially the smell) but this is worth a visit.

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