November 15, 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words [Part 2]

I know, I know. I promised a back-to-back part 1 and part 2 of pictures. Instead of keeping my promise to you yesterday, I decided to go stalk the Breaking Dawn cast at the London premiere down in Leicester Square. Not keeping said promise was well worth it! And I even made a new friend!
(Imagine that, meeting another Twilight fan at a Twilight premiere. Purely coincidence.)
But before the premiere pictures, I must bore you with others. Enjoy!

A London view from the top of our hill!

A view of our hill! Our flat is near the steeple.
Sunrise from our porch.
One of my first British adventures: making sourdough bread.
Just another beautiful corner of Hampstead Heath.
We never know who we will run into on the Heath.
This time we met the local swan family.
 The colors were so vibrant... the camera couldn't even capture it!
 Birds in flight.
 Hampstead Heath: A meadow made famous by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the movie Notting Hill.

Our flat. This is what Jude Law sees when he looks out his window.

Full moon from our porch.

RIP Alberto. 'Al' was the obese, sickly looking pigeon that kept me company every single day for the first month that we were here. He would nestle into the flower pots on our porch and eat my bird seed every day around noon. He could hardly fly and walk, and all the other birds picked on him. It was my duty to call those bully-birds bad names and scare them away so Al could nestle in peace. One day not too long ago, Al never came back. There is no other conclusion except that he decided to leave this earth. Al, you are the coolest, fattest, tamest pigeon I have ever know. Have a blast in pigeon heaven.

The Camden Lock Market. 

London street.
The locks at the Camden Lock Market.

Another view of the market.

Only in London.

Again, market.
And so we begin the Twilight premiere photos. After lovingly releasing Andrew from his husbandly duty of standing by my side during the chaotic premiere, I decided it would be next to impossible to spend six hours standing alone, not talking to anyone. So I made a friend. This is my new bud, Muniba. After spending six hours or waiting for the stars to arrive and discussing deep heart-to-heart issues, we screamed and screamed like the 15-year-old girls who we initially made fun of.

Tons of people and tons of security.

We had the best seats in the house (for only arriving that day and not camping out). We were perched directly in front of the stage, tv screens, and a row of press. This is what the premiere looked like if you watch it on tv (much more glamorous than in person, mind you).

I made it on TV! I'm that black blob in the upper left corner of the screen. Lol.

Taylor, Kristen, and Rob making their grand entrance.

...Rob getting interviewed. 20 feet directly in front of me!

Taylor getting interviewed.

So no, I didn't meet any of the cast. I wasn't disappointed though because meeting them wasn't an option and wasn't the point. It was just super cool to be a part of the Twilight phenomenon for one day. And to do that in London, of all places. Going to the premiere just made me more excited to see the movie tomorrow!
Twihards, unite! For one final time!
[And anti-Twihards, go ahead and make fun of us for one last time!]
with hope
with love

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